Rev New York Minute

An exciting new look with a 25 panel sail, new logo, and a folded ‘No Fray’ leading edge, this is one of our smoothest flying sails yet.

Our newest wing evolution!

Built with the best American made, new generation carbon fiber- our highest performing “Green Race Frame” comes standard in this exceptional sail.

NYM 4 Quiver Includes:

  • Standard sail: No venting, light to medium winds, 3-8 mph.
  • Single vent: 20% venting, perfect for bumpy winds, 7-12 mph.
  • Double vent: 42% venting (9% over the mid-vent B-Series), 10-18 mph.
  • Triple vent: 70% venting (between full and extra vent), 16+ mph.

3 Vent Configuration:

NYM Lime 3 Vents


Skill Range:

    Beginner to Advanced

Wind Range:

    4-20 mph

Wing Span:





    7.7 Oz.


    Green Race Frame


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