NBC uses Rev for kite-cam in Lincoln City!

NCB sent a film crew for “Rock Center with Brian Williams” to Lincoln City (Oregon) for the annual Summer Kite Festival and joined forces with John Barresi, using a GoPro camera mounted on John’s B-Series PRO to capture footage from above the event. ** Please be patient, video below may be slow to appear or.. read more →

Steff Ferme: French Champion 2012

Congratulations to Steff Ferme, 2012 champion of France in three categories: individual 2 lines, indiv 4 line, 4 line pair. read more →

Rev flying on the Great Wall of China!

Ben Dantonio on his 2012 China tour! read more →

Revs fly on the USS Midway!

Friends flying Patriotic Revs on the carrier USS Midway in San Diego, on Presidents’ Day 2012. read more →

Rev flying at the Matterhorn

David “Monkey” Hathaway of iQuad flying his iQuad/BIKF 5th Anniversary B-Series near the Matterhorn on his recent holiday vacation to Switzerland. Definitely one of the coolest kite flying locations seen on video! read more →

Winners of our video contest!

We recently ran an official contest starting on October 21st (2011) for any Rev flier to enter, encouraging them to send in their best Rev footage for our upcoming product demo DVD for stores… The guidelines: All video submissions for this contest should be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, this makes it attainable.. read more →

2010/2011 STACK Multiline Champion

Congratulations to Steff Ferme for his back-to-back championships at the Euro Cup in 2010 and 2011! His kite of choice? B-Series PRO, of course! Steff Ferme – 1st Place MI – 2010 Euro Cup Steff Ferme – 1st Place MI – 2011 Euro Cup read more →

2010/2011 AKA Multiline Champion

Congratulations to Dennis Smith for his back-to-back Masters Multiline Ballet championships at the 2010 and 2011 AKA Grand Nationals! His kites of choice are generally the B-Series Pro or Eliot Shook Mesh masterpiece. Dennis is also well known as one half of Aerial Acoustics, with Dorothy Wagner. Dennis Smith – 1st Place MMB – 2010.. read more →

Multi-Kite Bag sold out until further notice!

Due to it’s popularity, the Multi-Kite travel bag is totally out of stock! We’ll try to get more as soon as possible, no ETA yet, stay tuned for news here. read more →

Closed for the Holidays!

Once again it’s holiday time and the Revolution offices will be closed for Christmas and New Years, from December 21st to January 3rd! Thanks to our of our family (customers, stores and fliers…See you on January 4th! We wish you a very safe and happy holidays! read more →