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Supersonic Vented

The Supersonic VTD is still one of our fastest kites but the venting makes it a little more predictable and precise in the upper wind ranges.

Even lighter and more forgiving than it’s standard model, the Supersonic VTD still offers high speed, agility, precision, and all-around outstanding performance with further reduced pull and easier maneuverability, the Supersonic VTD can readily contend with high wind conditions – don’t forget, the Supersonic has been clocked at 70 mph, and flies as fast in reverse as the 1.5 SLE flies forwards. That’s an amazing sight!

The venting not only reduces pull, but it also serves to stabilize and increase precision… An experienced flier can stay in control in 30 mph winds.

Available colors:


Wind Range:

    4-30 mph

Wing Span:

    91″ (231 cm)


    w/ 7/16″ Super Leading Edge
    (includes 3 free spars)


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