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The Shockwave is built for both speed and power, strong enough to pull hard and controllable enough to stop on a dime anywhere in the sky.

The first of a new duo of “Speed Series” kites, it is the king of the hill of quadline models. Experienced fliers can test their flying abilities to the max with the Shockwave. An enhanced graphite structure enables this model to perform dramatically under the most challenging wind stresses.

The Shockwave has been clocked flying over 70 mph. Paired with a “dive-stop” trick of 60-to-0 mph in a second – this model begs for a challenge and an experienced flier.

Available colors:


Wind Range:

    3-25 mph

Wing Span:

    96″ (244 cm)


    w/ 7/16″ Super Leading Edge
    (includes 3 free spars)


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