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Progressive Stack

The Progressive Stack has the Rev II, Rev 1.5 SLE and Rev I in sequential order, making it highly maneuverable with quite a bit of pull.

Whether you go with Rev II’s, 1.5’s, I’s or any of the Speed Series, Revolutions are great for stacking. Unlike many stacks, you can control the power with ease, and choose your kites to match… With the Progressive Rev stack, you get the best of three worlds.

This stack leads with a CUSTOM Rev II, then a Rev 1.5, followed by a CUSTOM Rev I… While still offering the power people love in our stacks, the Rev II in front concentrates the control and makes the stack more responsive, while the progression of sizes delivers a very unique visual appeal.

Available in all SLE Standard colors:

Wind Range:

    5-20 mph

Wing Spans:

    Rev II – 72″
    Rev SLE – 91″
    Rev I – 108″


    Flier request


Coming soon.


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