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Power Blast 4-8

The Power Blast 4-8 is a beast and not for the feint of heart... Real pull for jumping or buggy races, with the ability to de-power under total control.


Revolution expands into power kiting with a completely innovative design that contains features and benefits not available in any other power kite. This is real breakthrough technology.

Compare to 9' Rev I

Our Rev Power Blast 4~8m answers the traction needs of all power kite users including land, water, and snow riders. The Power Blast at 4 meters, has the equivalent power of a typical 8 meter foil kite. The power to size ratio is unsurpassed. The Power Blast provides traction on a hard surface in a wind range down to as low as 2 mph. To our knowledge, no other power kite can effectively function at such a low wind level. Essentially, with the Power Blast, you are never out of opportunity to enjoy your favorite power kiting activity. Not only does the Power Blast have the broadest effective wind range of any traction kite, it provides its’ power under your complete control.

With the Rev Power Blast it is not “all or nothing” when it comes to harnessing the power. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Power Blast is its ability to enable you to fly under complete control at all times. This means throttle control under any conditions, whereby you can dump all the power or only 80% of the power, or any fraction of the power to suit your situation. You have an infinite adjustment range to decelerate or accelerate on command. You are not controlled by the kite- you’re in charge at all times.

Joe Hadzicki demonstrates the pull!!

This infinite control of the Rev Power Blast gives you a basis of safety confidence unsurpassed by any other power/ traction kite. The Power Blast won’t pitch out when you find your kite flying directly overhead or behind. The Power Blast will commence a floating mode that turns into the wind, retightening the flying lines, thereby positively returning full control to you quickly.

Another amazing feature of the Power Blast is its’ ability to fly upwind with almost no drag. This provides significant advantages in a large number of competitive conditions. We don’t believe any other traction kite can match the Power Blast in this regard.

When you are ready to fly- your Power Blast is ready to go in a few short minutes. The ease of set-up and take down and the short amount of time required to do so, provides you far more time to enjoy your favorite power kiting activity. The entire process takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

This compact, light-weight Power Blast package is convenience personified. Very portable, easy to store, and ready whenever you have only a little time and a little wind, The Rev Power Blast 4~8m will maximize your power kiting enjoyment as well as providing you exceptional value for your traction power investment. This is an exceptional product. You need to get your hands on one right away.

Available colors:

Wing Span:

    4 meters


    Advantage Graphite "Rev Equipped" SLE
    (includes 1 free spar)

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The Blast is the first step into our Power Series, it generates enough pull for kite jumping or even a buggy in strong wind - all with total control.