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Power Blast 2-4

The Blast 2-4 generates a massive amount of sail pressure, giving the pilot a surprising amount of pull even in lighter winds - still with total control.

If you are a flyer who typically has light wind conditions (less than 8 mph) you can now have not only a kite that flies great in light winds, but also generates the power that really makes flying so exciting for adults. Imagine leaning back to maintain control of a kite in only 3 mph wind!

Another great quality of all Speed Series kites is the ability to dump virtually all the power with a quick “thumbs back” rotation. This is a perfect technique to use as you launch the POWER BLAST up through the wind window. The glide is also amazing! As you fly the POWER BLAST overhead you can turn the kite slightly to the side and pull it out of the air. The POWER BLAST falls into a stable glide as it floats around and heads downwind to re-tension the lines and regain controlled flight! This kite has it all! Light wind flying, power, speed, and of course, all the incredible Revolution moves including instantaneous stopping, hovers, and reverse flight.

If you are thinking about power kiting but not ready for the big step, here is the perfect solution. The BLAST and POWER BLAST 2-4 experience will give you all the power and ultimate control without the dangers of power kiting. Developing your skills on these kites will prepare you for any flying experience including 2 line, 4 line, and power kites.

Available colors:


Wind Range:

    10-20+ mph

Wing Span:

    120″ (305 cm)


    Advantage Graphite “Rev Equipped” SLE
    (includes 1 free spar)



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