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Blast Vented

The Blast is the first step into our Power Series, it generates enough pull for kite jumping or even a buggy in strong wind - all with total control.

The Blast Vented features graphics by Bazzer Poulter and we redesigned the structure for a whole new era of Blast flying.  This new ¼” structure is both light and strong; designed along the lines of the immensely popular Race rods.

Rev flyers – get a lesson on the Blast.  You’ll love this kite, and it’s so versatile with the 2 structures.

If you want to live a whole new kite flying experience you have to get a hold of the Blast Vented. The power and speed developed by our 9.5′ leading edge supported with four extra length verticals will absolutely amaze you! The graphite wrapped stainless steel handles complete your experience. The performance of this kite is sensational. Fast, stable, powerful, excellent sliding, good “edge” control (edge of wind window). Combining the control & stability of a 1.5 SLE with the power and performance of the Speed Series results in the Blast.

Your new Blast Vented kite will come built with the standard SLE (7/16”) 3-piece leading edge.
Great for your power flying days.

You will also receive FREE our new ¼” UL 3 piece leading edge, this structure will greatly enhance your light wind flying capabilities.

Available in Standard Blast colors:


Wind Range:

    3-25+ mph

Wing Span:

    115″ (292 cm)


    w/ 7/16″ Super Leading Edge
    w/ 1/4″ Ultra Light Leading Edge


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