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B-Series PRO Vented

The PRO Vented uses twin vent panels in each wing to reduce pull in high winds, fliers often describe the handling as smooth, slower and more precise.

The newest in a long line of kites that go beyond the norm, the PROs are a combination of both style and function. The B-Series is designed by John Barresi, and the B-Series PRO Vented is made by award winning kite maker and iQuad pilot Barry “Bazzer” Poulter, assuring top quality in these limited production sails.

These kites are brought to you by the guys who know what works because the are a part of the heart and soul of one of the greatest teams today iQuad, and if ever someone who knows how a sail should lay these are the guys that have spent the time with the kite. Now with Bazzer at the helm of the actual lay up and sewing using only the very best Icarex sail cloth, you have the B-Series PRO Vented.

With two full vented panels in each wing, the B-Series PRO Vented is built to handle higher wind speeds with ease and also provides the increased precision that you’d normally expect with vented Rev models.

Vented Configuration

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 Fades           Basic


Wind Range:

    6-12 mph (2 wrap frame)
    8-20 mph (3 wrap frame)
    10-28 mph (3 wrap frame w/2 wrap LE added)

Wing Span:

    91″ (231 cm)


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