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Rev 1.5 SLE Standard

The SLE Standard is a great all-rounder for the middle wind range, and two included frames allow a great deal of flexibility in variable conditions.

The Rev 1.5 SLE continues to be popular with both with leisure fliers and competitors alike. The 1.5 SLE has a great sail-to-weight ratio which gives the pilot the freedom to fly in a wide range of wind conditions.

The ripstop high-grade nylon sail teamed with the larger diameter Super Leading Edge has created a sportwing that is quicker (clocked flying over 45 mph) with excellent control.

In addition to the SLE spar set, we also include the more flexible 3 wrap leading edge for enhanced precision and sail loading.

Rev 1.5  SLE is a very responsive and precise flying machine and boasts an amazingly crisp clean dive-stop maneuver, very impressive to the crowds you will attract flying this sportwing.

New Colors for 2013!

Wind Range:

    4-20 mph

Wing Span:



    w/ 7/16″ Super Leading Edge



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