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add reverse to speed up?

06 May 2015 - 03:08 AM

Does this sound right to you?


so the other day a few of use were flying together in team formations and one of my buddies commented that he had to increase the amount of braking action on his kite so that he could maintain the same speed as everyone else.  


The reality is this knucklehead is finally getting the big picture AFTER decades of folks badgering him.  


The science of this adjustment is simple enough, "he needs to get the sail MORE square to the wind direction, thereby creating maximum pressure",..... then he won't struggle to keep powered up or to remain airborne during stationary maneuvers.

I don't instruct loved ones

03 March 2015 - 12:02 PM

I've been a quad-head for about 23 years now, literally dozens of their kites have come and gone through our home during this time-frame.  I've helped a few folks over the years with a lesson or a loaner kite too.


My wife wants "in" at KP-2015  


You don't teach your own loved ones to drive a car (or how to play golf!)  I can't see her as my eager student with a quad-line kite either!, (she couldn't fully appreciate my unique wit & wisdom)


Last night the wife asked me where her Revolution 1.5 kite was, ... (as it was removed from her bag)

and of course if she didn't, that only leaves me left to blame <HA!>  anyway I moved it to the "B'bag" of MY rev kites, but NO she wants to learn how to fly it.  You don't teach loved ones to drive and I want someone else to help my "best gal in the whole world" learn to fly.  Barbara's got a SLE Rev with 3 wraps all around that was used to teach the Blue Angeles Team how to pilot a sport kite.  A pretty cool story too, about how it came to be in her possession.


So she then tells me, as I'm assembling it and confirming it's all good to go.  "HEY! I want all your modifications put on it, even the new Shook LED lights!  And, change the frame to Diamonds also, but maybe you can get Lolly to deliver the replacement frame up to Huntington Beach so we don't pay for freight (she runs our household's money).  


She likes the TC Ultra handles as the winder is built in, but I'll set her up with some no-snags and some proper type of line-set just in case she knuckles under.


She has never touched a sport kite of any kind before, but at least she'll not be banging' your kites during the lesson(s).


So who is going to KiteParty 2015 and wants a mission as her mentor for a couple of training sessions?  This is serious, a compensated position in fact, in the manner you see fit (probably!)  I'm absolutely certain you could squeeze her for lunch and cocktail if that's to your liking!  We will both make this worthwhile of your instructional efforts.  Who wants a shot (or tag-team training w/my bride)?




07 November 2014 - 03:21 AM

Hey!,... whatever happened to this development path on a Rev that flies indoors and doubles as a delicate SUL for outside?

 many have heard about it,

a few have seen it,

I have flown it,


Now I'm ready to apply modifications to one I own personally and practice-up for the Air & Space Museum.


Hopefully this wasn't a one-off-and-done project, or a strange acquisition path where I can only acquire it thru an AKA auction promo


inquiring minds want to know about the Helium status.