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#96783 new "lite" travel REV bag

Posted by REVflyer on 31 December 2015 - 07:33 AM

I received a new travel light weight case for the holidays from the best gal in the whole world,....




It hold half a dozen revs and six sets of handles effortlessly, although the Zen needs to be travel-framed to fit.  Light weight and strong enough for protection unless run over by a car.




It's not for everybody but surely fits my purposes perfectly.


#96726 helium

Posted by REVflyer on 19 November 2015 - 05:22 AM

heard rumors of extremely limited availability from the other side of the big pond, but maybe it is still just beta tests and braggin' rights by first adopters

#96528 Global Rev Count.

Posted by REVflyer on 27 July 2015 - 07:57 AM

added a new custom Zen from Bazzer and Eliot Shook,


sweet, just like I expected it to be,... Lolly came thru w/a Diamond Travel Frame for it too!!!


it arrived with 20 inch magic sticks, waterproof flashing LEDs (for backlighting illumination) and a french bridle


Eliot made the leading edge sleeve, built tighter to the frame and out of Mylar-backed nylon so it appears metallic in flight, stiffening the sail and offering a reduced final weight.  He also added covers over the knots on the bottom of the sail and "locked down" those spars into a restraint-styled belt-loop holder.


Thanks everyone for your efforts.


#96468 Quad sticks

Posted by REVflyer on 23 June 2015 - 02:33 AM

didn't see enough of difference between the two sizes,... I think I'll stick with the shorter ones

#96406 add reverse to speed up?

Posted by REVflyer on 07 May 2015 - 09:24 AM

this is a guy with at least a dozen revs and with a couple of dozens of years of quad-lined experience, a grand national champion kite builder too.  Some folks you just can't help because they will NOT accept advice from anyone.  He has reached the conclusion the rest of us arrived at long ago (or were instructed in from the beginning), and he did it all by his lonesome self <LOL!>  


Some readers can already identify my mysterious friend and also tried to inch him towards the reverse well water for some decent refreshment

#96403 add reverse to speed up?

Posted by REVflyer on 06 May 2015 - 03:08 AM

Does this sound right to you?


so the other day a few of use were flying together in team formations and one of my buddies commented that he had to increase the amount of braking action on his kite so that he could maintain the same speed as everyone else.  


The reality is this knucklehead is finally getting the big picture AFTER decades of folks badgering him.  


The science of this adjustment is simple enough, "he needs to get the sail MORE square to the wind direction, thereby creating maximum pressure",..... then he won't struggle to keep powered up or to remain airborne during stationary maneuvers.

#96391 Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2015

Posted by REVflyer on 30 April 2015 - 08:51 AM

it's not how well you fly, it's how hard you are willing to work on a demo or comp's performance.  Only in very rare instances does the soul-flier up-end those with a planned routine, the stars and planets need to align, wind must be extra fickle too!

#96344 Attending Kite Festivals

Posted by REVflyer on 08 April 2015 - 05:23 AM

Nobody misses that meet and greet!


Please come on out and make yourselves known too, enjoy some hospitality with us.  


Saturday all the sport kite comps take place (all events in one day, no precision events are being offered at all, indoor comp is Monday), but we're not a "front field" outside either, so a place to sit, even a tarp may prove to be beneficial.


I am easy to find, my kites all pretty much look the same, (hot fade, black center ~ see my icon)  I am up early everyday and pray for no wind so if you struggle with these conditions come out and fly one of my modified kites for a test-drive.  The beach is positively huge, so there's lots of room to fly by yourselves or with a group, or just stand around romancing with your friends, like the rest of us.

#96298 helium

Posted by REVflyer on 23 March 2015 - 10:03 AM

okay, it's an SUL, lighter and more delicate than your current model patterned after my efforts, (with all that modification crap on it).  The material (fabric) is very light for the sail and translucent to sunlight (or an LED) also.  The frame is delicate, but worthy of outside in very low wind conditions.  


The kite also flies indoors (right out of the shipping container) with no adjustments necessary.  It uses a stock-ish bridle and is the same size/shape as the 1.5 platform we all know and love so much.  So it flies like a matched-set should, no dramatic transition of skill-sets from indoors to outside.


I'd say it's in-between the dedicated indoor and a Zen in performance,.. not as flexible or squirrelly as the indoor model is outside, but still that slow graceful presence feature of the Zen whether using wind or your feet indoors


Wind range is probably 2 mph down to a negative number!


uncle ben Dantonio was flying it on about a 100 feet of line in a dead calm, not working hard or moving around much at all, all this when most everyone was watching from the sidelines.  It might not be for lessons or beginners, but it's going to a be a requirement during the summer months of the Mid-Atlantic states for the WOW hard-core faithful.


I am not sponsored except by my own bride, HA!

You want one of these unless you live on the northern coast of an ocean and never have a lack of wind.  I won't buy an ultra-vented Rev because it will not see enough use to justify the expense, on the other hand I'd buy two of these as soon as possible.  Wear one of 'em out and see how I want it modified for great durability or improved performance.  Meanwhile I have a spare for lessons or to continue working on one in each hand at the same time.

#96284 I don't instruct loved ones

Posted by REVflyer on 18 March 2015 - 03:50 AM

ok, so it didn't go as I planned with my bride('s quad lesson,... like that's a first)


I flew and she mostly watched, except for a night fly and short sunday afternoon session on her single lined kites.  Thanks to everyone for stepping up with offers of help and encouragement though, made us both feel great!


Posted by REVflyer on 18 March 2015 - 03:04 AM

The restrictor "limits" the amount of lateral movement on the center point of the bridle attached to the leading edge.  You may like it without, as it's more similar to a stock bridle's wiggle-waggle.


The "afterburners" kick in when the kite is powered up and you want even more acceleration (huge surge of power forward regardless of the handle/leader tuning).  They further distort the frame to capture more air pressure.  Usually most of the energy is transmitted to the parameter edges of the kite frame.  The attachment point to the tops of the down-spars is where you may see slack (say you were standing under the kite as someone else flew an inverted hover over your head).  You can fetch-up tighter during the installation process (double wrapping the end=cap with the attachment loop on the tops of the down spars) or you can leave it as a single wrap (as most bridles are installed)


All the bridle attachment loops should enter the end-caps from the center of the sail, outward.  You have more legs too, so you are spreading the stress over a greater surface area


I've probably bought 3 dozen of these FB string things, mostly in the 1.5 size.  I crafted the installation directions and advised Will Sturdy on how to pkg\deliver the product so it's easily installed by anyone.  I've given him specific kites to fit the bridle to as well.  I didn't come up with any of this stuff, just adapted it for my own usage.


I was at Huntington Beach this past weekend and David Hathaway (Monkey, Team I-quad) had a go on my modified Zen.  I was using it almost exclusively for 5 days since the wind never got any higher than 10 mph.  He laughed and said his is tucked in a corner of the residence and never used.  I've worn two of them out & couldn't imagine a better solution for low/no-wind!  Jeff Burka figured he'd never need his, so it was left at home in DC.  Both of these fliers are master-class holding box stock Zens and it's not cutting it performance-wise.  Both found my wing much more enjoyable, instantly.


I've heard about hybrid mixed frames, but a Zen with a diamond frame is the hot set-up, PERIOD  Since I fly very aggressively, I prefer a Travel Frame of diamonds,  I will break sticks and I only want to replace a short piece on-site.


The french bridle alters the bending of the frame compared to what you are used to.  A stock bridle bends the frame in the center.  The french bridle bends on the outer thirds of the leading edge first, if you kick-in the afterburners also you are distorting the center portion slightly as well.


You don't need all the crap on my kites, but none of it is a detriment to low wind flight.  If you were only going to do one thing at a time I'd say to add the Magic sticks first, (dramatically alters the glide) then the french bridle (more responsive to pilot commands), thereafter you are making the kite differently during it's construction.  A tighter fit between the leading edge sleeve and the spar (only one tube fits and it's snug too = a tighter and more efficient sail).  As for the extra reinforcing patches built into the leading edge sleeve?  That is how the highest-end kites are made by Bazzer and Shook now, proven to double the lifespan of your kite.  (the part that wears-out now for me is the trailing edge)


I might be willing to buy your old unused Zen, but I really like getting a new one from Revolution after BAzzer makes the sail and Eliot crafts the leading edge.  Barbara told me on the way home last night she "understand" if I needed another replacement sail, but it's a definite "NO" to an early retirement for me. <LOL!>



#96241 Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, are a Rev fliers best friend......

Posted by REVflyer on 10 March 2015 - 06:04 AM

Diamonds?  I broke another one in the darn frozen crap laying around on the ground this past Sunday.  First the string gets hung-up on the little finger iced edges sticking up, you yank and spank trying to saw thru that snag, then it lets go suddenly and I need a new piece in the leading edge. I'm really likin' the travel frame option as only a 6th needs to go into the trash bin!

#96240 Global Rev Count.

Posted by REVflyer on 10 March 2015 - 03:41 AM

Barbara P. Birnman

(1) SLE "Blue Angeles instructor" her first dedicated quad-line

#96215 I don't instruct loved ones

Posted by REVflyer on 03 March 2015 - 12:02 PM

I've been a quad-head for about 23 years now, literally dozens of their kites have come and gone through our home during this time-frame.  I've helped a few folks over the years with a lesson or a loaner kite too.


My wife wants "in" at KP-2015  


You don't teach your own loved ones to drive a car (or how to play golf!)  I can't see her as my eager student with a quad-line kite either!, (she couldn't fully appreciate my unique wit & wisdom)


Last night the wife asked me where her Revolution 1.5 kite was, ... (as it was removed from her bag)

and of course if she didn't, that only leaves me left to blame <HA!>  anyway I moved it to the "B'bag" of MY rev kites, but NO she wants to learn how to fly it.  You don't teach loved ones to drive and I want someone else to help my "best gal in the whole world" learn to fly.  Barbara's got a SLE Rev with 3 wraps all around that was used to teach the Blue Angeles Team how to pilot a sport kite.  A pretty cool story too, about how it came to be in her possession.


So she then tells me, as I'm assembling it and confirming it's all good to go.  "HEY! I want all your modifications put on it, even the new Shook LED lights!  And, change the frame to Diamonds also, but maybe you can get Lolly to deliver the replacement frame up to Huntington Beach so we don't pay for freight (she runs our household's money).  


She likes the TC Ultra handles as the winder is built in, but I'll set her up with some no-snags and some proper type of line-set just in case she knuckles under.


She has never touched a sport kite of any kind before, but at least she'll not be banging' your kites during the lesson(s).


So who is going to KiteParty 2015 and wants a mission as her mentor for a couple of training sessions?  This is serious, a compensated position in fact, in the manner you see fit (probably!)  I'm absolutely certain you could squeeze her for lunch and cocktail if that's to your liking!  We will both make this worthwhile of your instructional efforts.  Who wants a shot (or tag-team training w/my bride)?



#96050 Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, are a Rev fliers best friend......

Posted by REVflyer on 11 February 2015 - 01:25 PM

Frenchie next?