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In Topic: New York Minute Is Alive

Today, 03:16 AM

the full sail NYM should come with Diamonds or Black race frames, expanding the low end wind range comfort level for the common man.  It will fly with Greenies, but you'd like it better with something else.  By the time the greenies are the most appropriate frame choice it's time for the mid-vents anyway!

In Topic: Is this a trick?

Today, 03:08 AM

Scott Weider has "owned" this reverse flight from directly overhead trick for decade or longer.  Seek his advice on how to make it look effortless (him with a back full of screws, steel plates and enough scar tissue to reach the ceiling)

In Topic: Which rev would you buy if you had

Today, 03:01 AM

if you are asking for my advice, then definitely a Shook mesh, ... they have a huge wind range, sufficient to match their price of admission!  You are getting a vented kite but without the excess weight of that material.  Wanta' talk about "s-m-o-o-t-h" in flight?  Oh man, these kites are a dream.


The difference is so noticeable that you may have to get more in different configurations of venting.  The primary one to acquire is a 75%, it's will fly down at the mid single-digits comfortably and by switching out the frame from say a Diamond to a green race travel frame you could still enjoy it in winds that were 25 miles per hour higher.  It fits nicely in-between the mid-vent and a full vent.  Specifically designed for this purpose.  The thing is,... it will do both jobs beautifully (but you've paid for that huge wind range too)


The 135% I have flown and enjoyed at a steady 10 mph and you could push this to 35 or 40 easily, again by alternating the frames.  I own a 100% and have flown it in 35mph, granted with 4 wraps and an SLE, but it was still great fun, controllable and not in danger of damage.


Cath & Eliot Shook also sell a bunch of alternatives and add-ons, call them to discuss your interests and options.  You pick the colors and work with them to design your own creation, you just lift a visa card and wait a bit.


You ARE in this addiction deep enough to leap blindly off the cliff now!  You want something different, well it's either end of the extremes, indoors or bigger wind.


I can assure you, every owner loves a Shook Mesh and you are getting all the latest bits of knowledge and care built in.  Extra reinforcing patches at high stress or wear areas in the leading edge.  A leading sleeve that is built significantly tighter to the frame members.  Wear and life extending strips behind the down spars, all these bits are going to add a couple of years (doubling the life expectancy).  Go ahead, slam it around, hard abuse is expected.  It's crafted from Icarex material by a guy who was a kite flier first, then a kite merchant retailer and finally a master-builder himself.


Have you ever built a kite?  Well after you get good at it, you'd look at your purchasing differently.  You would have expectations, knowing you could do it yourself better, unless you are working with a truly gifted craftsman.  With a Shook Mesh (or one of Bazzer's Pros) you are getting a kite so well constructed that you CAN NOT do it better yourself!  The joke is that with a shook mesh,.... "it's the best kite Rev never built" (they do the assembly though)


Obviously an indoor is going to be cheaper, if you have a location, nothing is more rewarding.  With that said, the indoor flies WAY different from their other models.  Many excellent pilots have had to force themselves to learn its' uniqueness.  I never connected with it personally.  But I have seen some brilliant performances on this kite, if you have a location to practice.


Pull the trigger and order both a Shook and an Indoor, pay once for freight, get some flying line (Skybond) and some different bridles, try a set of magic sticks,......


you can thank me later, after the bitter taste of int'l economics, tariffs and air freight charges have been long forgotten.



In Topic: B-Serie with green race frame

20 October 2014 - 10:20 AM

Tapered Breeze tubes are extremely light weight and delicate, indoors only
P-90s are the next cheap and light weight solution for low wind, indoors
Diamonds, expensive and worth it, low wind or for swirling conditions
2wrap rev sticks
Black Race
P-300 Skyshark tubes
3wrap rev sticks
Green Race
SLE broom-stick
... These are the frames that can go into the leading edge that I'm familar with and carry routinely

In Topic: What kite bag do you use ?

20 October 2014 - 03:20 AM

I use Revolution's bag, but for the same price a gal will custom craft one in the exact image you see fit,...

Her name escapes me, but somebody on here knows her!


how many pockets do you desire?  How many kite sleeves shall fit into each one?  Do you want a "drop cloth" that folds out, to sit on during set-up?  How about custom embroidery, at least your stylized name?  Want pockets for handles and line winders?  Mesh or solid walled, velcro or fold-over closures?


Dugard has one of these bags and it is both appropriate for large quantities of Revs as well as well organized.  For the same price basically!!!!  Beautiful design and well made, durable material with all the most useful hardware.


Personally?, I carry one Rev bag and might tailor those contents to fit a specific occasion, but my family owns 3 of 'em.  The misses uses hers for single line kites and my overflow Revs are tucked into another that stays home.  The thing is....  you really only need about half a dozen revs to cover all conditions.  You buy some more and the old ones get bumped from your A-bag.  But really you need an Indoor, an SUL, a full sail, a mid-vent, a Shook 75% and a howlin' wind only model.


I carry a 12 kites at a minimum in my Rev bag, in sleeves, 6 sets of handles w/line wound-on, a big fist-full of extra frame members, at least two lights sets and some basic tools, supplies and parts.  All my kites currently being "A-bag rated" are made by one of only 3 individuals, Dave (Ashworth), Bazzer or Eliot.  All but the indoor and 100% Shook mesh kites listed below were made to my specific requirements too, many with furnished leading edge material of mylar backed nylon.  Extra reinforcing patches are built-in and a lighter weight leading edge sleeve material used, plus it is sewn tighter to the frame members, such that only one tube fits inside the sleeve and it is pretty snug alone!


~( 2) indoor customs, one Ryv-like and other based upon Steve LaPorte' Spirit (both made by Dave Ashworth)

~ Zen custom with extra Diamond frame members (Made by both Shook and Bazzer)

~ B-pro Full sail, custom, diamond frame (Made by both Shook and Bazzer)

~ (2) "Old Glory" SUL Masterpieces with Race frame (one French and one stock bridle, kites by Bazzer)

~40% Shook weave SUL masterpiece, custom, diamond frame

~ B-pro Mid vent SUL, custom, diamond frame (SUL by Bazzer)

~(2) 75% Shook weave masterpiece "Ghosts", custom SUL sail construction, (Race frames)

~ B-pro full vent, SUL custom with green race travel frame (bazzer)

~ 100% Shook with 4 wraps or Green Race (thru the AKA auction, before licensing was approved by REv)