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05 August 2015 - 07:48 AM

Phil Broder stocks it at his kite builder site,


it comes in all different weights, backpack thickness, tent, tarp, super light weights too, like Orcon, that delicate.  It's a laminated product, the strands aren't woven, it's "bonded",... comes is a couple of semi translucent colors.  There's a Black 1.0 weight that's a perfect replacement to the out-of-production mylar-backed nylon I used to prefer for custom leading edge sleeves.


I believe those printed rev-sail folks in Europe are also offering a model of Cuben fabric in the near future, although I'm not sure of their exact weight.


Misses told me to buy some and give it a try,...

..... it's 35 dollars per square yard, Icarex, on the other hand (always reliable, dare I say the best fabric for sport kites?) is like half of that amount!


05 August 2015 - 02:45 AM

a brldle will spread the stress of flight over a greater area of framing, (therefore offering a larger wind range) so you still could do the direct connect AND a bridle all on the same kite.  You're almost to a Blast styled shape, might you consider two down spars on each side Mark, its 'just  notched corner taken off at the bottom?


KiteSquid and I did the Ryv 1.6 cooperative project back in 1999-2000 for the Smithsonian KiteFest (50th year anniversary is this April 2016), it had a 32-1/2 inch tapered down spar, was a no-sew construction and missing the leading edge venting, but kept the SLE leading edge tubes and was built laser straight (no curvature built into the leading edge construction).  It also had a deeper "vee" 12 inches instead of nine.

We used a printing process to create solar system scenes from Illustrator on nylon and the two kite locked together in flight through rare earth magnets countersunk in vinyl tubing that also incorporated the spars' end-caps. (polarity matters during this assembly, HA!)


looks like a fun experiment, enjoy and keep us advised of your progress.


cuben fabric interesting to you yet?, since you're working towards no-wind anyway


04 August 2015 - 08:22 AM

the sticks give you a field recovery free that can't be matched without 'em,.... the bridle is more about a personal preference Mark.  The glide is this,.. take the kite as high as possible and turn the leading edge down.  Now from this position, throw the handles out in front of you (released completely from your grasp) and watch the kite seek the horizon, not drop like a stone.


The sticks alter the balance point significantly and add a support structure like the wires of a bi-plane's wings are tied together, so you can frame lighter and still survive and enjoy a little breeze even.  I've compared 20 inch to 18's for the past few weeks.  The longer ones are great for backlighting the kite, further away, more surface illuminated, but it will not come back to me for a "catch",..... instead it horse-shoe shaped flights around and seeks the downwind recovery described above, no matter where or how severely you yank.  The 18 inch ones come back like magnetism, it doesn't drop from on high directly down to you, no it glides up and then slowly descends to your outstretched grasp.


We are still experimenting, but right now the two out-hall lines that feed from the center bridle point to the bottom attachment points are being shorten by the diameter of a Sharpie Pen with an overhand knot to pull this point more directly over the down spar.


The center point (of the bridle's attachment to the frame & center hole of the sail) can't wiggle left or right at all.  In fact, al the bridle legs should be tight when picked up by the two top attachment points only.  The length of this line can be varied, but my experience says it should be a "fist's worth of distance away on the Zen" to keep the widest possible wind range.


There a certain magic that comes from a Diamond frame on the Zen, it's not just lighter weight but also remarkably responsive too.  You can flail all around SLOWLY and it will fill back up with air in a very controllable manner.  You can half axel and leave it in a fade, without impacting mother earth,.. long enough for folks to notice who weren't watching you!

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04 August 2015 - 01:54 AM

okay here's a picture,.....

of the knot cover and lock-downed spar treatment on the new Zen,


almost looks like it came from the factory that way, SWEET no snagging a flying line when slack flailing!

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27 July 2015 - 07:57 AM

added a new custom Zen from Bazzer and Eliot Shook,


sweet, just like I expected it to be,... Lolly came thru w/a Diamond Travel Frame for it too!!!


it arrived with 20 inch magic sticks, waterproof flashing LEDs (for backlighting illumination) and a french bridle


Eliot made the leading edge sleeve, built tighter to the frame and out of Mylar-backed nylon so it appears metallic in flight, stiffening the sail and offering a reduced final weight.  He also added covers over the knots on the bottom of the sail and "locked down" those spars into a restraint-styled belt-loop holder.


Thanks everyone for your efforts.