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Rev II

24 April 2007 - 01:19 PM

How do you think the new Rev II 2007 compares with the older single-piece sails?

I tried out my new Rev II at Nahant Beach near Boston. The new Rev II flaps and buzzes. What's the story here. I pulled out my 14-year old Rev II for comparison; no noise except for the whistle of the lines in high wind.

The flying experience for the new and old kites was comparable, except for the annoying buzz.

Lest you think I am just a complainer, I own and love to fly: Rev II, Rev II vented, Rev 1.5, Supersonic, Blast, and a home made ultralight. I love the Rev II because it is a good teaching kite. Being sturdy, you can trust it to a beginner and not worry about the inevitable crashes. Also, it has a light pull and is not as twitchy as the Supersonic.

Just one more Rev?

28 June 2006 - 06:05 PM

I typically get to fly at a beach about 10 times a year, so I am definitely not a competition flyer.  When you are flying Rev's just for fun, do you find that your selection depends on the wind and your mood?  I ask this because, I somehow feel justified in owning several Rev kites and wonder if I am missing something by not owning "just one more".

For moderate wind, I find that my Rev Supersonic provides me with exceptional control at the price of twitchiness.  That is, if I am well rested and want to practice precision maneuvers, I warm up for 20 minutes and then practice so I can improve a particular maneuver.  As long as the sail is reasonably taut, I can do almost anything I set my mind to.  

On the other hand, if I want a kite that flies slower but still provides excellent control, I fly my cloth Rev 1.5.  It doesn't back as well for me as the Supersonic, but does pretty much everything else.  In moderate wind, it is so relaxing to fly.

Then, there are occasions when it seems preferable to fly some of the other quadlines in the bag: Blast, vented Supersonic, Rev II, homemade ultralight, etc.  How many different Rev kites do you fly at least twice a year?  Which are your favorite kites?