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In Topic: Total newbie questions. Please help!

12 September 2014 - 08:45 PM

1)  Most versatile kite all depends on your winds.  We have found that the most used kite is the standard full sail.  If the winds in your area are a little stronger than average, then the mid or even the full vent will be the one you want.


2)  Wraps vaguely refer to the amount of wraps used to make the frame/rods of the kite.  A 2 wrap rod will have two wraps of carbon.  A 3 wrap rod = 3 wraps, etc....etc...  Although there are many unique and secret processes used to layer up a Revolution rod, that is the basics and reason as to their labeling.  The more wraps of carbon, the heavier the rod will be.  So for the lightest of winds, the 2 wrap rods are used as they are the lightest but also the most delicate.  For strong winds, the 4 wraps are used because they are the strongest.


3a)  Frames can be interchanged in a Rev super easy and usually in less than 1 minute.   With the ability to change frames so easily, you can extend the wind range of your Rev or even change the handling characteristics of it by swapping one frame for another.  As an example, for the lightest of winds you will most likely want to put in a 2 wrap frame (lightest of all Rev frames).  For stronger winds, the 3 wrap or even the super strong 4 wrap frames.  Having multiple frames is like having 2 different kites, changing to the light frame will be like an UL or SUL model.  Moving to the stronger frames will be like having a standard model.  Frames can be purchased separately in all different wraps / types.


3b)  Yes, you can mix n match all frames for the 1.5 series kites to personally customize the feel and performance of your Rev.  Most pilots just go with one frame-set model at a time though. 


4)  I would recommend starting with the basic handles.  If you can spring for a little more money then the no-snag handles are nice but not necessary for beginners.  Handles come in different lengths as well.  What length is best depends on personal preference.  Some like the longer ones, some the shorter ones.  Nearly everyone I know uses the standard 13" handles that comes in the package. 

Race Rods are not handles, but another designed Frame for your Rev.  The Race Rods come in only one wrap version and are made from a different modulus carbon fiber material that has a quicker "spring-back" rate.  Meaning that when the frame is loaded and stressed in a hover, it will spring back into shape faster than the other carbon giving the kite a faster acceleration - hence the name Race Rods.


5a)  Lines are always a personal preference.  Longer lines give you a much larger area in the sky to play with and somewhat slow the kite and control down a little.  Shorter lines make the kite respond quicker and give you less area to play with.  Which is better?  That's like asking someone what color is prettiest.


5b)  I fly nearly all my Revs on 90# lines.  The exception would be the Blast & larger kites and the Shockwave & Supersonics.  Those I fly on stronger lines.  For the EXP, 1.5, B-Series and the New York Minute models....most you will probably ever need is 90#.  If you happen to be on a Full Vent kite as your most used kite, you may want to up to the 150# lines but I fly my full Vents on 90 as well.  For stronger winds, heavier lines will have very little effect on the kites performance.  Usually the lighter winds is when line weight comes into question.  Some will use 50# lines for the lightest of breezes.


6)  Yes and no.  In stronger winds the Rev's will give some pull.  Most of the time the pull is what I would consider light to moderate.  The exception would be the Sonic or Shockwave and of course the larger Rev's like the Blast and 2-4 or the monster 4-8. The speed series and blast series can give some pretty serious pull.  The 1.5 series and the Rev 1 are very light to moderate pull.


7)  Lots of information on this forum.  Spend some time searching around and you will learn more than you imagine. smile.png


8)  Rev's are super fun to own and fly.  It is not often that a person wants to sell, but keep an eye out and you can find some pretty good deals on them.  Be very cautious about e-bay as there are aftermarket knock-offs being sold on there which claim to be reputable Rev dealers and have authentic Rev kites....but they are junk and will not fly properly.  When buying used, try to buy from reputable people and make sure you are getting a genuine Rev product.


9)  The control you get from a Rev is absolutely amazing.  Even on the SuperSonic or Shockwave which are lightning fast and have some pretty good pull, the control will blow your mind.  Search Youtube for Supersonic Rev videos.  I think you will be amazed.  Even the larger Blast series kites have amazing control.  The best precision and control will always be the 1.5 series (EXP, 1.5, B-Series and NYM) or even the Rev 1 which is also amazing.


10)  Again check out the different models.  Usually the best control and precision is done in the lighter winds.  As the winds pick up, so does performance and speed in the Rev's.  A master pilot will have the same awesome control in higher winds as lighter winds but normally as wind increases, control and precision will begin to decrease.  Skill will overcome that though.


Hope that answers your questions.  As mentioned above, the best way to learn about the different models is to find other Rev pilots and have a go on their kites or even see them first hand.  That is always best.


Good luck....and remember, you can't just get one. LOL

In Topic: One happy newbie

07 August 2014 - 09:49 PM

Plenty of pilots in Chicago, and there should be quite a few around your area as well.  Give it a bit and I am sure people will chime in.  Congrats on your awesome time, Rev's can be oh-so addicting!!!  As for the next one.....you may also want to take a look at Rev's New York Minute.  That is one sweeeet machine.

In Topic: rev 1 and 1.5

03 July 2014 - 05:52 PM

I love my progressive stack.  You can see some pictures of it here:


(multiple pictures starting with that one)


You can stack one or multiple Rev's of various sizes together.  They will work fine with the 4.5 or 5' stacking lines just as they are out of the package but for optimum performance you may want to tweak them a little as mentioned above.  It technically isn't necessary but it does make a difference in how the stack performs.  You will want to put your smallest Rev's (Rev II / B2's) in the front and your largest one in the rear (usually Rev 1).  The Rev II, 1.5 and Rev 1 progressive stack is awesome to fly and looks very good in the air.

In Topic: Difference between EXP and B-Series

11 June 2014 - 03:59 PM

Even though they both look the same, and the frames are interchangeable, there is a huge difference in overall performance and control from the EXP to the B-Series.  As far as flight, there is not that much of a difference, the controls are exactly the same.  The biggest difference comes when you start to hover and do precision controls.  The B-Series loads up much nicer and holds its position better.  It also gives better feed-back during flight.


For someone who hasn't flown much, the difference is very minimal.  For someone who has flown a lot and really knows how to fine tune the kite the difference is quite a bit and well worth the extra cash.


I would say there is less difference between the B-Series and the B-Series PRO (which is somewhat less) than there is between the B-Series and the EXP (which is quite a lot).

In Topic: 2nd Rev!

06 June 2014 - 07:19 PM

If you already have a full sail, I would also recommend a full vent with a race and 4 wrap set.  With this setup, you will cover pretty much anything from 4-5 mph winds up to 30 mph winds.  This will also cover the entire range of the mid vent kite.