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LE options

28 May 2007 - 04:40 AM

I notice a fair number of flyers prefer the 1/4" LE to the SLE and I would like to try a 1/4" LE for my 1.5. I was looking at using Skyshark until I read a post by Barresi recommending an EXP LE.

Is the 3-wrap LE included with the B-Series the same as the LE included with the EXP? The main rev site lists the span of the EXP as 92" and the 1.5 SLE as 91" If I were to order an EXP LE would I need to adjust the bungees?

Also, I think my next rev will be a vented and I like the B-Series version best. The 'wind range' and 'frame' section on the REV site seem to contradict each other and I cant work out if the B-Vented comes with both 3 and 4 wrap LEs or just the 4 wrap. Could someone who has one pass on what frame(s) it ships with please?