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In Topic: Race Frame for REV II

14 March 2009 - 01:25 PM

vented rev 2 = zero pull.......... but dive stops suffer

also the rev 2 non vented works just as well in upper 20+ winds w/o having the pull as you would from lets say the 1.5 ...stock sail and frame in as low as 4mph winds by swaping out line sets even less on a few custom ones I have but I haven't gotten indoors with it yet.

the p200 is not bad for LE and down tubes for a rev 2 and not as bad as I expected to be, I also went as far as 1/2oz sail and lighter LE material so I can,t give a honest response to how the affect will be on a stock sail...........

How ever the short time {3 hrs}I had with the race rods and one of my other revs2 before some stupid human and a dog{human, not the dog since I told Hu8 to harness the dog } put an end to my enjoyment and positive feel through the handles with the race rods by destroying the frame......

race rod felt better in the rev2


I'm curious on the results you'll get with the rev2 and race indoors ;)

I think I'll just have to wait until the rev2 arrives and see how it goes with the standard frame and lines. These economic times have forced me to consider where the dollars are going right now. I'd sold off all of my kites, except for to very large Premier delta's, and am slowly rebuilding the kite collection. I'm seriously considering getting a B Series Standard for lighter winds. $170 for a rev2 Race Frame equates to 1/3 the cost of the B Series, with lines, here in Australia ($522). If the Race Frame didn't cost so much I'd have it on the order now, but it does command a high price.

In Topic: Race Frame for REV II

13 March 2009 - 06:15 PM

Still on the subject of alternate frames - I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has made up a lighter frame not using Race Rod components and are happy with the result - and what was used.

My Standard REV II order has been sent off and have been told it'll be available in two weeks. I had been considering buying the optional Race Frame but must admit that the quoted price left me a bit breathless ($170.00 Australian Dollars).

I can't recall where but I remember an article about another REV II owner using Sky Shark P200 for the frame. Factoring in all costs a Sky Shark rod frame comes in at $55.00, which is less than 1/3 the cost of the Race Frame. And as Sky Shark rods are available from P90 to P400 - is 90 or 100 too light for the REV II.

Would the Structil Hi Mod from my R-Sky Frenezy be alright to use for the lower spreaders?

For someone that enjoys flying Revs, but is basically just a hack, is the Race Frame that much better that it justifies the huge price difference?

In Topic: Race Frame for REV II

09 March 2009 - 05:22 AM

About $90 US for the stand-alone frame. You could probably order the kite with just a race frame for significantly less.

The race frame is a reengineered version of the standard spars. It's lighter and stronger than the Rev SUL frameset (the two-wrap, which are labelled "Professional Use Only") and while the sticks might be a little bendier, their ability to bounce back to straight is much higher, so the kite will be more responsive.

I've been flying Rev IIs since '91 and can say that the only two frames you'd ever need in the kite are a race frame and a 3-wrap. At this point a race frame is the only one I'd use in a non-vented Rev II -- and I'd use them for both indoor and outdoor flying. I also fly a vented II and I use a 3-wrap frame in that kite.

It should probably be noted that I only fly Rev IIs without a bridle and typically on 5-10m lines.

The vertical spars on the II are 24" and your Sky Sharks could be used there. The leading edge spars used to be 2 x 37" but are now 3 x 24.75". You really do not want to use any type of pultruded rod in a Rev...the kites just really aren't designed for that type of spar, so I'd leave out the Structil.

Thanks very much for the reply.

The next chance I get to talk to the people at the kite shop is the day after tomorrow. I've just sold off most of my kites, including the standard and vented 1.5 SLE - along with a couple of dual line kites. I do miss the Revs the most however and this is what prompted a new purchase.

The choice for a REV II is a recent fancy. I like the idea of the speed factor, something lacking in the 1.5 SLE, without getting pulled all over the flying field. As these kites are flown when the wind is in the upper ranges anyway would the Vented REV II be the preferred choice. I know that in comparision I much preferred the Vented SLE to the Standard because of the smoother, less bumpy, handling.

Which do you feel gives the better enjoyment factor. I don't have the advantage of being able to try any of these kites out, or even look at them in the flesh before purchase. I live near Perth, Western Australia and the kite retailer is a minimum 4 hours flying on a modern jet on the east coast. I'm going to have to commit to one - and then there's the colour choice. An opinion from someone who has both is obviously worth something.

In Topic: Mid Vent??

02 March 2009 - 05:03 AM

The Mid Vent has two vents in the sail where the Full vent has four.

Sounds like this could be the animal I'm looking for then. I had a standard 1.5 SLE but when the wind picked up it got a bit bumpy on the lines - sold it. Really liked the Vented 1.5 SLE but wished it had a lower wind capability even when fitting with a 3 wrap L/E. I'll send off an email to a couple of the retailers to find out the availability and price. Thanks for clearing that up.