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San Diego Air Race

30 August 2007 - 11:46 AM

So i am looking at attending the San Diego Air Race that Red Bull is putting on around the 22nd of sept.

I understand there is going to be some group of halfway decent rev pilots performing :kid_devlish:

Anyone know what day the kites will be airborn? I assume on the final day, and where the better viewing location might be, north or south Embarcadero? I would like to get tickets soon for the better of the 2 viewing areas for kites, the planes you cna see from either ;)


CA, San Diego

17 August 2007 - 07:10 AM

I will be in San Diego for training the end of this month Aug 29 - 31st. Specifically I will be staying near Miramar, but my class is south near the HWY 163/I-8 interchange. I am looking forward to getting some flight in after class (after 5pm). Any suggestions for locations that a new pilot can stretch his wings? My only kite at this point in time is a vented B-Series so I am looking for something more than a light breeze if possible.

CA, Palm Springs

01 August 2007 - 08:29 AM

The Pass through the mountain generates alot of wind, based on your location relative to the pass you can find wind ranging from 5 mph to 40 mph, often the wind is gusty though. There is alot of open desert with sage brush, if you can find a little opening and dont plan to land often you can fly anywhere. Desert area could also be used for power kiting for those of you that are insane. Mostly Sage brush, no Cacti.

Locations of note.

Demuth Park: located at Gene Autry and Mesquite Ave. many trees, but plenty of room for 1 to 2 Revs. best area at this park is on the softball/baseball field if they are not in use. Further inland from the pass resulting in lighter winds (was Howards preferd location)

Victoria Park: located at Racquet Club and via Miraleste, room between rows of trees to get several Revs up. Wind is strong and gusty vented highly recommended

Open Desert: I found a nice open area of desert at highway 111 and Snow creek Rd (close to I-10 and hwy 111 interchange) Great constant wind right in the pass, and no brush to speak of. (my new favortest place to fly out here)

First Flight

31 July 2007 - 10:12 AM

So my knew Vented B-Series arrived saturday, but last night was the first chance i got to take it out.

So i unfolded the kite, set it up, attached the lies to the kite, ran em out and connected em to the handles. A few turns later I had the lines un tangled however while I was doing so the kite had lifted up off the ground and flopped around a bit (it really wanted to fly). Having forgotten a screwdriver, and not wanting a golf ball kite stake (what does golf have to do with kites anyway?) I carefully pushed one of the 4-wrap rods into the ground. Before you try this at home, I live in the desert there is 1/8th inch of grass then all sand. So again I walked back to my kite once or twice, and got the bridle unwarpped and it sitting pretty.

And boy did that kite lift off the ground when I was back at the handles and ready to fly. We had our typical gusty 10-15mph winds I would guess. So, time to practice what I had been shown several months earlier, up/down, hover.

Not 5 minutes into my flight here come 3 kids running under my kite, oh and here comes the mother... not to pull them to a safe distance but rather to help them chase after it and shout something like up orfly in spanish. they didnt understand a bit of english, and I know about 5 words in spanish. So I zigzagged the kiteback down the field, stopping briefly a couple times so they could run up to the kite and chase it, since they were going to anyway. 10 minutes later I came to rest on the ground and they pretty much walked through the lines and over the kite when i put slack in so the kids wouldnt get hurt. At that ppoint in time i was out of field to back into and it was dark.

so if anyone questions it, the vented b-Series can even withstand the forces of a troupe of unwieldy children (age 6 at most).

It was a good first flight though, no walks of shame. could of used slightly better conditions but this is what i expected the wind to be like. So now I sit in my office looking for a window so I can see if the wind is up, jonesing for my next flight ;)


New Pilot seeking suggestions

18 April 2007 - 02:39 PM

ok so I recently bought my 5 year old a kite at walmart - and remembered after many years how much fun it is to fly a kite. I then followed through by picking up a cheap (really really cheap) dual string sport kite to try out and see what I could do with it. I got Hooked, I started researching sport kites and all sorts of fun stuff. While looking to buy a real sport kite I stumbled across Revolution and decided why stop with dual lines, lets go quad.

So here I sit waist deep in great looking vids, a bunch of tutorials and a really knowledgable group of people. I saw recently someone else in southern california was looking for assistance with his first quad. But rather than hijack his thread I thought I would look for similar advice with different circumstances in my own thread.

I do wish I stumbled in here a few months earlier so as to make it to Kite Party as San Diego is only a few hours from my home in Palm Springs.

Actual Questions:
So having been looking at the various Revolution Quads, I think what I need to go with is the B-Series Vented, or maybe just the Standard B-Series

Those that are not familiar with Palm Springs, today we have had 40mph gusts - and wind has blown steadily throughout the day near 20 mph. There is a mountain pass that acts as a funnel so I may be able to vary the wind conditions to some degree based on where I am in relation to the pass.

Now I read somewhere to involve your spouse or loose them forever, and I dont particularly want to do that. My wife probably weighs 125lbs soaking wet, If I were to get her a quad as well how much pull is there on the B-Series, vented or otherwise. I really dont want to have to tie her to the car to make sure she isnt carried away ;)

And one final question, Anyone know of people that actually fly out here? I looked for a club but havent found any yet. I am not 100% sure where to fly around here other than one park that gets really crowded with families on the weekend, and I know better than to endanger them. There is plenty of desert out here that I can pull up to though if nowhere else exists.

Thanks for all the help,
Chad Whippie