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My new quad kite

21 April 2009 - 11:40 AM

Here are some pics of my home build quad kite with 4-wrap rod set. It needs some wind but dang what a nice kite :D

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Home made Rev I sized quad kite: flying troubles!

16 April 2009 - 04:58 AM

I've been at it again: been busy the last few weeks with building a new Rev kite! I've already build a 1.5 a few years back. Got hooked on the precision and control it gives! Now I have been working on a vented Rev I with an original spar set (4 wrap). Bring on the ballistic winds :) . Last weekend I tried it out with a light breeze, these rods are such an amazing difference with the ones I have in the 1.5 (skyshark something). As soon as I get some pics I will post it here!
Now for the trouble: I couldn't do a reverse launch. No matter how much I pulled on the brakes lines, it wouldn't reverse (neither from the ground nor in the air). If the kite was on the LE on the ground, I needed to grab the bottom lines with my hands and pull to launch it :wacko:
The lines are all of the same length, I double checked the bridles (looks perfect), the sail is nice and symmetrical... The lines on the handles were at maximal brake position. Steering wasn't all that bad, but the wind wasn't that good to test it in though. Hopefully I get a chance to fly this weekend.
I think that my handles are the problem. I build them myself for the older 1.5 I made. If I compare them to original handles, they are smaller. They are about 12 inches ( before bending them!). After bending they are around 10 inches from brake line to steerer line (in a straight line). For the 1.5 they suit perfectly. The rev I is somewhat bigger though.

Do you think I need to make some larger handles? The range of the brake line will be better than with my current handles. I will probably make them around 15 inches before bending, and make a smaller bend (old handles are about 45 degrees, new ones I'll bend to 30 degrees). This way the distance between bottom and upper line will be around 13 inches. Also I'll make some longer pigtails for the upper lines so I can put more pressure on the brake lines.

Any thoughts?

Thank you and greetings from Holland :)