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In Topic: My new quad kite

22 April 2009 - 03:23 AM

very nice work.. looks just like a vented rev 1

Coincidence? Don't think so :P
Nah I just made the sail panels by sight, no measuring of other kites involved.

Muy bonita,buen trabajo. :clap;

Muchas gracias :unsure:

In Topic: My new quad kite

21 April 2009 - 11:34 PM

Thanks! :blushing:

-It flies very nice. I don't have that much to compare it with, but I know now that these rods make a huge difference! My other kite has some wobbly Skyshark rods. So the set is well worth the money.
The kite reacts really well to sudden gusts (which we get a lot of around here). It needs a nice breeze to fly, or else it won't go up at all. Probably because of the large mesh area. That's ok, this one is meant for stormy conditions on the beach :devil:
It reverses and slides pretty well, I still have a lot to learn there. Before this build I haven't been kite flying for a year or two, so I'm a bit rusty!

-I allready have a 2-wrap rod set in order ;) but not for this one! I think that the large mesh area is no good for windless conditions, so I'll get another sail for the new rod set (all white sail with some nice artwork on it, don't know what yet). It's gonna be light weight, for those windless summer nights :wub:

In Topic: Home made Rev I sized quad kite: flying troubles!

19 April 2009 - 02:55 AM

Now, it is time that you buy a real REV! Go for a 1.5 JB. You will like it even more.

The JB is very appealing (meaning the kite ;) ) . This would be the kite I'd buy, you can't make 'm like that at home :)
But building something yourself can be very rewarding too. If the Rev virus really catches on, there will probably be a 1.5 JB in my kite bag.
For now I'll just sponsor the Rev company with the rod sets, costs a few dimes but worth the money.
The 2-wrap rod set is in order at my local shop (for a reeeally nice artsy project!)

In Topic: Home made Rev I sized quad kite: flying troubles!

18 April 2009 - 01:47 PM

Hi guys, it worked! I made some extensions at the upper bridle connections, six inches long. It flew perfectly today in gusty conditions (northeast direction, 3-5 bft or 10-20 mph). The control was fantastic! Can't wait for 20-25 mph winds, some beach and a beachpole to land it on ^_^ .
I'll get some pics up of my quad kite in the photosection sometime in the near future :)
Thanks for the support :clap;

In Topic: Home made Rev I sized quad kite: flying troubles!

16 April 2009 - 08:05 AM

Thanks for the input! Sounds really helpfull. I guess I'll put some pigtails on the kite's upper bridle attachment so I can use the same handles for all the kites. Kind of silly of me to not have tried this in the field last weekend, I even packed some extra bridle lines just in case...
I'll let you know how it flies as soon as I find some flying time :)