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Anodized No Snag Handles

22 February 2011 - 05:21 PM

So I have been watching a lot of videos lately and I have noticed a few people using handles that I have never seen and I want a set. The line goes directly around the handle and there it no metal loop on the handles just grooves that your line goes around. Well all I can say is please help me find a set of these. I really would like to try them out. Does anyone know how to get them??Posted Image Posted Image

Retired Rev

04 January 2011 - 05:37 PM

Well after 12 years of flying my first Rev 1.5 SLE I finally decided to hang her up on the wall. We have had a lot of good flights together. I first flew her in Newport, Rhode Island at Brenton Point with my uncle, Jay Nunes. Shortly after I flew it I smashed it into the ground and broke a rod but lucky me, Sue gave me a brand new one to replace it. I have a lot of good memories thanks to this Rev. I still remember the first time I hovered it. I owe that to watching Scotty and drooling at his hovers. I have chase my kite on 75ft lines trying to catch it and I have dove into rip tides in North Carolina after hovering a little to close to the waves for a sweet picture. The Rev family has taught me a lot of cool tricks and after about 3 years of non stop deployments I finally have to time to take my 4 new Revs out of the garage and hang my first on the wall in my man cave to pay tribute to all the fun that it brought me as a child. Thanks Revolution Kites and thanks for the support everyone has given me on my deployments. I am going to need it in November when I head out yet again!!

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