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What kind of Spectra??

03 May 2007 - 07:10 PM

I was recently looking for bulk Laser pro gold online and became aware from one site that Laser pro gold may become harder & harder to aquire. I looked further and now I am confused by the many other premium Spectra products and need some opinions from others. I found Spectra 2000, Laser pro, Blue line, Spectra 1000, and WSK Premium Spectra. I would like the family to comment on each of these products as all I have ever flown was Laser pro, or if there are other products that I have missed that you can tell me about. Keep flying , St.even.

Family kite day

30 April 2007 - 07:48 PM

I had the opportunity to teach 3 people to fly revs this past Saturday at Grayland Beach,Wa and it was a great success. My son, his girlfriend and my 9 yr old granddaughter all learned in a 15+ mph wind with my vented B-series and vented Rev I. What a great day for flying. My son has his Vented B-series on order already from GWTW kites. My grand daughter suprised me the most and by the end of the session she was flying and dancing (she really got into it). Wait till you see her at WSIKF (John, she's the one you were messing with in the tulips). I can't wait till we get to fly again and I have more people lined up for a lesson. I will teach the world to fly, one kite at a time! St.Even