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30 March 2007 - 06:34 AM

Yes, that helps!
Now I know, I want them all..., but I'm married :rolleyes:
So I'll buy one each year or so. To start with the SS (vented) this spring. I think...

The BLAST is what I would call a crossover from the speed series towards the power series. It is not as fast and agile as the speed series, and not nearly as powerful as the Power Blast 2-4. Instead it is a very good medium between both. Much faster than the Rev 1 or 1.5, much more power than the Shockwave, not as fast as the Sonic or Shockwave, not as much power as the Power Blast 2-4.

Personally I feel that if you are mainly looking for raw power, the Power Blast 2-4 would be a better choice than the Blast. If you are wanting good solid power that will drag you a bit but not pull your arms from your sockets and still has some really good speed and precision, the Blast would be the choice. If you want raw eye boggling speed, the Sonic or Shockwave. For ultimate precision without that much power and smooth controllable speed, the Rev 1 or 1.5 SLE.

Hope that helps.

In Topic: Blast

28 March 2007 - 06:04 AM

Yes, thank you! This helps me lot. Do you know anything about the smallest Blast according to the Speed series? Is it just power versus speed or is there more to it?

First, I doubt the Blast series would be that good on the water. These kites are very fast and it would be difficult for you to get up to speed on a board before the kite out-flew you. They are also single skinned with no ability to float so if you ever did put in in the water, relaunching them would be difficult or nearly impossible.

On the Blast series kites, they totally rock!
The Blast is an awesome fun kite that can be flown in a huge variety of winds. In the light winds it is super floaty and fun to fly, reverse floats are incredible and precision is ok, not nearly as precise as the 1.5 or Rev 1's but still there if you work it. In the stronger winds (Usually over 10 mph) the Blast starts to come to life and is a totally different kite. The power comes in good and rock solid. It has some very decent pull while still maintaining the ability to float it pretty much whenever you want just by dumping the brake lines out.

If you are more interested in the power (which I am assuming by the mention of your mountainboard) then I would suggest the Power Blast 2-4. This kite is the big brother to the Blast and packs a rock solid punch of power pretty much whenever you want it but still has the ability to dump the power out whenever you don't. Hovering the kite in 15 mph winds directly in the power is simple and easy. Just a quick rotation of the wrists and you go from near zero power to full power. Upwind is awesome, control is awesome....the kite really rocks.

The Power Blast 4-8 is like the mother of all power kites. It is only 4 sq. meters but like the name, has the power equivalent of most 8.0 meter ram air foils. Like the 2-4, the power comes on and off with a twist of the wrists. The 4-8 is like flying a mack truck in the air so you have to really man-handle that thing to get it to respond. You do need to know how to fly a rev with some good experience to get the most out of this kite. Buggying in winds averaging in the 5 mph is very easy to do with this thing, you do need to know how to get the apparent wind up on it tho. I would discourage this kite for novices or beginners to Rev flying.

Hope this info helps your decision making.