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About the Pulling power of a Rev kite, and some background story

16 March 2014 - 08:08 AM

Dear Guys and Girls,


Percy here, from the Netherlands.


In short.. I have a question about the power/pulling of a Rev Kite.

How is the pulling power of a Rev kite?



For those interested, hereby some background story of why i ask you this :).


My Indonesian grandfather loved to kite. As I can remember we always went kiting when I was small. It all started when I was around 5 years old. My grandmother always go with us, bringing food and drinks, and we as “real man” controlling the kite, trying to take it as far as possible into the blue sky (sometimes we lost sight of it, how exciting it was !!) It was mainly a 1 liner, with those typical Indonesian bird patterns.


I got older, and sadly my grandfather past away. But I continued my kiting hobby and bought several 2 liners, mostly cheap delta kites. It was great, and through those kites I got to learn to do tricks like flying low, landing, making circles etc. I all broke them.


I am born with a really bad form of scolioses (read: a mind boggling back), and during the night I use a breathing machine to stay alive. When I walk around in a kite shop and see all those beautiful kites I have to remind myself that, because of my “handicap”, I only weigh 32 kilogram, not much for a person of 29 years old. Doctors don’t know why, and I don’t care why. I feel great anyway! But when I ask for advice in a kite shop, I am always directed to the children corner to look for a kite when I explain my situation about Living the Life of 32 Kilograms. “The bigger ones will drag you around the world” the shop owner kindly explains. True, but I prefer to take a plane when traveling… I leave the store, losing my interest in kiting.


BUT… Two months ago my girlfriend and I watched the movie The Kite Runner. Great movie, but most of all it reminded me again of my childhood. After the movie was done, I quickly opened google to search for “fast kite less pull with quality”. I ended up buying a Prism 4D Ultralight and had never had so much fun with a kite before. It will always go up, is blazing fast with some little to no wind, and can take those famous “unintentional landings” quit well. More important, the pull is really gentle and the build quality is excellent compared to those “children corner kites”.


It made me curious what else is there in the world of Kiting? And then I found this video. I was like.. I… NEED… ONE… NOW… FAST…


So here I am. Youtube-ing like a maniac, looking at all of you controlling a Rev kite like a Zen Master who just reached pure enlightenment. I am totally impressed and really want to join this community. But one questions still stops me from buying and that is…


How is the pull?


My cousin has a NASA wing and like the shop owner once told me, it indeed dragged me around the world when I tried it. Great fun for other people seeing me kissing the sandy beach, but less fun for me. So how is a rev kite? Can I fly it without breaking bones?


I am looking for this answer trough this forum because I don't know anybody who has a rev kite. Heck, I don’t even know people who Kite (except my crazy cousin with his NASA landing equipment). Most of my friends are more excited about the playstation 4 or the new iPhone. You know what I am talking about… wink.png.


Thanks for reading this long post, I really appreciate it if you can give me some advice. Maybe there is a smaller version of a Rev Kite with less pull? I have to say, i really like speed though hehe. In the meantime I keep youtube-ing with a jaw dropping mouth of amazement. 





Btw, this is me scaring people on the beach with the 4D