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Video on Android Smart phone

26 July 2014 - 06:29 PM

I decided a couple of weeks ago to try shooting some HD videos using the camera on my smartphone, since it is capable of shooting HD 1080p definition with an 8 mpixel camera. Some phones have much more than that now, since my is a Nexus 4 which is almost 2 years old in it's design.  In order to do this, I purchased an inexpensive tripod that would hold the phone, from Amazon for about $17, and a camera clamp mount to hold the phone for another $14 or so. I experimented with this rig this week, and brought it to the field this morning. 


The major problem I had was trying to see the screen in the very bright sunlight on the field, even with the brightness set on max. I may bring a towel or something next time, to drape over the phone while I set it in place to capture the area where I intended to fly. This morning, all I could do was to try and have the bottom of the view, on the ground, and get as high as I could by angling the phone up with the tripod. It took me a minute or two, to guestimate where it should be aimed.  I started the camera and took a couple of videos. The hardest thing was trying to figure out where I could fly and not fly out of the range of the camera, but I think I was pretty lucky in figuring this out, because I managed to keep the kite inside the camera view for almost all of the flight. I was concentrating more on positioning the kite more than flying it, so my flying was kind of sedate, but what I was trying to accomplish as fare as staying in view worked pretty well. 


This video is of my Rev SLE with magic sticks and race rods which I have been flying for several months.  The wind was around 3-5 mph on the ground at the time I made this video. 





The second video is my B series midvent in about 12-14 mph. 


Rod Question for B series Mid-vent in stronger winds.

24 March 2014 - 12:49 PM

I have a B mid vent and am now flying it with 3 wraps.  The wind in Atlanta, is generally on the low end of average, so I am anticipating very few days where I can't fly the B with it's present 3 wrap frame. I want to take a couple of trips this summer to the coast, where  the wind will likely be much  better. Since this will probably be at most, once or twice a year, I don't want to buy a full vent, because it probably would sit in it's case 99% of the time. So my options are having the correct frame for the B MV .  Now on the Rev website, they list these rod combinations for the B MV:


     3-10 mph (2 wrap frame)
    4-16 mph (3 wrap frame)
    6-20 mph (3 wrap frame w/2 wrap LE added)
Now I don't have a 2 wrap frame , but I do have a Race Rod frame ( in my 1.5 SLE Std) , so I am thinking I could use the combination of the 3 wrap and the race to get the 6-20 MPH range because I am assuming that the Race and the 2 wrap would be about equal.  
Now here is my question, would I be better off just ordering a 4 wrap leading edge set, to have on hand  rather than using the 2 sets of rods to get the higher wind capability, and maybe even be able to go a bit beyond 20 MPH if it is gusty?  The second part of this question is, since I already have a set of SLE rods, would they be a good substitute for a 4 wrap LE giving me abou the same results,   for heavier and or gusty winds? ( I know that if you use SLE rods, you have to use the washers on the end caps, which I already have on hand) . 

New Rev fliers experience

10 March 2014 - 05:29 AM

I just got into Kite flying about 2 months ago. Within a couple of weeks, after buying my first foil kite, I joined Kitelife.com and started hearing about the Revolution Kite. Having a background in flying RC helicopters and aircraft, the idea of a kite that was controllable like the Rev, seemed to be just the kind of challenge that I would enjoy. I purchased a 1.5 SLE as my first kite, and started watching all the tutorials by JB, over and over again. When I got the kite, I did the same thing with the DVD. The winds and weather did not cooperate at first, so it was a couple of weeks before I could even attempt to fly the Rev. The first day, that I had some good winds, I was able to launch the Rev, and fly for a couple of hours. I first started working on hovering at high altitude, and then gradually worked my way down. Several hard landings, no crashes, but a couple of dive stops on that first day, gave me alot of confidence that I could actually fly this kite with nobody to show me how except videos and reading. 


Within a couple of weeks, I decided I was hooked on Revs, and ordered a mid vent B series and a Race Rod frame, which I just got last week.  In the mean time, I flew the SLE some more and probably had 12 plus hours total flying time. Started working on forward flight, at lower and lower altitudes, slow flight, reverse flight, figure 8's, hovering in different positions of the kite, inverted launches, slides. and spins. The first time I tried a spin, I was really high up and had my fingers crossed, but it was much easier than I thought it would be. Now I am doing 3 spins in either direction in the middle of the wind window. 


I flew almost 4 hours yesterday on my new B midvent, and am finally realizing that I am starting to really feel in control of the kite. I don't have to think that much about inputs, it is starting to come naturally. I see the kite do something, and I know how to correct it. Not an expert, but don't feel like a crash or hard landing is around the corner anymore either. I even made some neat tip landings yesterday.  The point of this post is to show that with some organized study, a list of things to practice, some patience,and working on the basics, will have anyone flying one of these kites if they really want to. In the mean time, I learned about equalizing lines, tuning the leaders, modifying the handles with the no-snag mod. using stakes, winding quad lines, etc...... The forum on this site, and on Kitelife.com are invaluable in learning all there is to know about kites in general and the Rev kites. In addition, there is a chat room in the evening on Kitelife.com, when I can always ask a question, and get answers on the spot, from some very knowledgeable kite pilots. All this makes learning easy and fun. 


Can't wait to fly my Revs again.    

What is the purpose of long leader with knots on the handles.

16 February 2014 - 07:12 PM

I see that some of the Revs come with a long leader that extends from the top of the handle almost to the bottom , with knots in it to adjust where you can connect your top lines to. What I would like to know is what exactly does adding a few inches to the length of the top line accomplish? Does it make the handles less able to control forward flight, or make the kite less sensitive to launching?  I just can't figure out, how this affects the control of the kite aerodynamically. 

Lines for Rev SLE 1.5 for beginner

31 January 2014 - 05:17 AM

I just ordered a Rev 1.5 SLE and was thinking about ordering a spare set of lines for it. It comes with #90 85 ft, and I was wondering if I should get a longer set for the spare set like either 90# 100 ft or 120 ft, or stay with the shorter length until I get some more experience.