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In Topic: Its a "Pipe Dream".........

22 October 2013 - 05:14 AM

At the "Fun Fly at TI"  kite festival in and on Treasure Island Florida this weekend we were lucky enough to have a chance to meet David Hadzicki as he was demo-ing and giving out lessons with the "pipe dream".


The graphic caught my eye from across the field and I had to check it out.


He mentioned they were brand new and only five had been made.


It's a one piece fabric print without the seam panels and it flew so smooth in light breeze that it really was a dream to fly. After a few minutes he mentioned that he had one with him for sale, and that I should talk to Joe at Windworks about getting it.


Windworks is the kite store where I got my SLE, and B-Series and also the sponsor of the festival and they were manning a tent on the flying field just a hundred feet away


Well... yada yada yada...  and then there were four. :-)


I'm giddy.


Thank You David and Joe!