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#93861 Hello all another newbie :)

Posted by Ollie1 on 25 October 2013 - 03:21 AM

Hello All
I'm a newbie to quad kite flying and this site. I was given from a family friend a old quad kite sadly not a rev but got my funds building fast to purchase a 1.5 ( can't wait )
Well I took to the sky's up dustable downs in the week and to say I had lots of faffing about to start with finally got to the point where I could get the sail off the ground and had some good fun but along with a lot of frustrating out of control spins, twisted lines and crashes !!! I'm based in Watford hertfordshire so not far at all from the downs :) is there anyone on here that are frequent flyers there as I would love to hook up one day to watch the basics And to be shown a few tips :) I have watched the vids on YouTube and read loads on here and have found the information very useful..thanks guys/girls :)
I've managed to get it to hover up and then down to a soft landing . The wind was a bit gusty so struggled to hold a hover and mostly struggled to take off with the LE down or up !!! I read pegging the handles is a must so must try that the next time as the sail just seem to blow over or tumble across the grass :(( I know this is going to be a long learning curve and so looking forward to it :)
Thanks again for the posts/info on here to help people out like myself to get off the ground ;)
Any frequent flyers at Dunstable downs please let me know when your there next please if you fancy giving a newbie a few tips .