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In Topic: Stacking Revs with other kites

19 October 2013 - 04:30 PM

Attached File  picture 1.jpg   117.35KB   78 downloadsAttached File  picture 2.jpg   156.69KB   82 downloadsAttached File  picture 3.jpg   140.17KB   66 downloadsAttached File  picture 4.jpg   266.08KB   66 downloadsAttached File  picture 5.jpg   114.62KB   69 downloadsSo sorry to take so long. This is what the back stack bridle will look like, (picture 1).The first thing you need to do is make the 4 line lengths of lines just like the front of the rev bridle . Match them as close as you can,but they don't have to be exact as the front,. They are mainly 4 lines with larks head loops at each end. Attack 1 end the the matching points of the existing bridle. They way you do this depends on the rev model you have. Look at yours and make that determination, (picture 2). Next you need a single length of line around 6 inches or so. You need to then tie a knot in each end. Eventually you will need 2 of these so it is a good idea to make them now. They need to be identical, (picture 3). Now what you do is loop all the other ends of the 4 lines to one of those 6 inch knotted pieces. You should do them in the same order as the other rear bridle you make so they are the same, (picture 4). For the bottom lines you can either attach directly to the bottom bridle points or you can tie a loop near the bottom of the vertical line like the front bridle on your rev, (picture 5). This is totally your choice. Now you have just created a 4 point bridal on the back of your rev. The for points can now connect to anything from a quad foil to 4 determined points on a 2 line stunter. The bigger the better. Let me know when you get this far or if you have ANY trouble with this. We can then talk about the two line stunter. That is way easier. Have fun. 

In Topic: Stacking Revs with other kites

11 October 2013 - 01:17 PM

Let me make up a little presentation for you on tying the bridle. It is just a matter of tying loops at the end of specific lengths of line and connecting them to a separate piece of line that has a knot tied at both ends of it. Look up a lark's head knot on line. I found that to be the easiest. 

In Topic: Stacking Revs with other kites

11 October 2013 - 06:26 AM

In these pictures, the green & pink lines represent the new bridle on the back of your Rev. The blue dots are the new stack line connection points. the yellow are the new train lines the the stacked kite.



Attached File  rev bridle 3.JPG   51.86KB   99 downloads




Attached File  rev bridle 4.JPG   75.21KB   98 downloads

In Topic: Stacking Revs with other kites

10 October 2013 - 06:47 PM

OK. Hear we go. You need to make a bridle on the back of you Rev the connects to the same points that the front bridle connects to. You can even tie them to the same lines as the front (you can do that on some Revs). What this is doing is creating 4 points to attach to, thus allowing you to connects any quad to your Rev. Also, the pull of the stacked kite will be transferred to the Rev bridle , not to the frame of the Rev, (if the kite that you stack as a lot of pull, we would have to think about a stronger bridle on the Rev; no need for that here). Lark's head connections will work fine to do this.

In Topic: Stacking Revs with other kites

08 October 2013 - 03:53 PM

Pictures on the way