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Some help to set up a "Ready to Fly" EXP

21 September 2013 - 11:43 AM

Some help needed by a beginner... please.


As described in another topic, I made my choice and acquired an EXP which was a Ready To Fly package with sail, lines and handles.


At the moment, this kite is a headache.


For the first flight, we had the bad surprise to find that the bridle wasn't mounted... Great. It was supposed to be RTF.

But Youtube gave us the bridle setup manual.


Second flight, to find out that the lines were all full of knots - 20 minutes to remove them. Great.


First thing I'd like to check, because there is no coherent manual or videos about that ... the "color code".

The manual which comes with the EXP says: white to top, black to bottom.

All Barresi videos have 2 red and 2 blacks lines, and black goes to bottom, red to top.

We have 4 colors.... : white, black, white/red, black/red.


Which of the following is the right combination:

- white/red and black/red on one side

- white and black on the other side


- white/red and white on one side

- black/red and black on the other side



Now second point I'd like to check:

Today I had a third flight, unfortunately almost no wind, but I could notice that the kite was moving to the right all the time.

I unmounted all the lines and measured them, and I can see that all lines have a different length (smallest difference if less than 1/2 cm and biggest is around 2-3 cm).

In different web pages, they say that the 4 lines have the same length. Great.


Since there are still 2 lines 2-3 cm longer, should these 2 longest lines be connected to the bottoms?


Can some please advise as we're getting nowhere at the moment cat_shocked.gif  Thanks in advance!


Rev folded sizes

02 September 2013 - 12:13 PM

Dear Rev enthusiasts,


As I haven't found an answer on the following, I am creating this topic.


I want to try Rev flying after a few years of power kiting (unfortunately, no luck with the second hand market, each time I've been bidding on eBay, there's a gracious person who bids 2 pounds more in the last minute to take it, incredible! so I will take it brand new). And to add a few details anyway since this forum seems friendy and it's my first post, my girlfriend and me we leave in UK (Oxford) and we are respectively Spanish / French. And by the way, I have found plenty of interesting stuff, motivating me in the upcoming Rev experience...


Hopefully, some won't find the question stupid. I'd like to know the sizes of the Rev's once folded, at least approximately. To keep the kite in the car it's ok, but it is to know whether it would fit in a suitcase (not hand luggage obviously.... unless Rev does that blue_smile.gif!!!).

Because I'm a passionate fisherman, I know that a large suitcase typically can take a rod holder of aprox 80-85 cm (31.5''-33.5'') as a maximum.


Is there a Rev which would be this small once folded? The B2? That way, it would just go to the fishing rod cordura holder and that's it!


If there is one, my new Rev would probably be this one.... We are going to Canarias for our honey moon soon and it would be so great to simply pack a Rev kite....


Thanks in advance!