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In Topic: Some help to set up a "Ready to Fly" EXP

23 September 2013 - 05:31 AM

It's been years I don't fly dual lines although I should do it sometimes, they are quite fun. No, I was comparing to a power kite which is a 4 lines, where bottom lines are brakes (let's say, security lines) and top ones are used for movements and power generation. In fact because it wasn't windy at all yesterday (let's say 3 mph max) I was trying to generate the power that was missing but it seems it will be very different ;)

Anyway I'll definitely look at joining a group.

In Topic: Some help to set up a "Ready to Fly" EXP

22 September 2013 - 01:10 PM

'Evening all,


Just to confirm that I DID BREATH. :)


Thanks a lot for your replies, I am posting after a first real flight, but in fact I had read most of you before moving to the field.


Just to clarify that the kite is NEW (or at least is supposed to be), I bought it from Kite World. This is why I have been disappointed by all this set up given the price (190 GBP for the EXP RTF package) and I hope you'll somehow forgive my negative surprises.


So, last step was to modify the lines i.e. make them all equals in length, which is now done.


I chose the largest field around because it was hardly windy this weekend, this one still has around 2 km open space.

With this thin stream of wind that was still difficult to do much but it seems the kite is working.


First impression is that I'm lost compared to a power kite, for instance if I want to turn right it seems you just pull the bottom of the handle but veeeery slightly, instead of relying on the top handles only and pulling with force ;)

The kite seems to go anywhere it wants. But i also noticed that when the wind was stronger then it was easier. I could do some turns, some spins, reverse take offs or move it horizontally.

Many thanks all for clarifying this lines story.


Stone in Shoe Bob: I take note. Kms aren't too much a problem, from time of time I go to Richmond in London for power kiting.


Now I'm off back to Spanish islands, but I think for the moment it's the Ozone I'll take with me.


Bybye and have a nice week.

In Topic: Rev folded sizes

21 September 2013 - 04:37 AM

Hello back,


Apologies for the delay.


I did chose a Rev finally. Based on all your comments, I opted for an RTF EXP pack, plus a travel frame. These 2 products give like a 1.5 SLE (2 frames, one light one more rigid) with the advantage of being able to carry it on travel.


However, I am not satisfied with this Rev kite - it is compared to its price.


On opening the pack, I was slightly disappointed by the quality of the sail. Then, the frame which is made of 5 equal sticks, seems made of high modulus carbon but not that high quality.


The day after, we moved to a field for a first flight. Bad surprise, the bridle came unmounted, which is strange for a Ready To Fly package... Aie, I should have checked that at home. I wasn't 100% certain how to mount, and for this price better not taking risk, so back home to search for Youtube assistance.


This morning, I had a moment to try again. Second bad surprise, the lines were full of knots, nodes etc, 20 minutes to disassemble the lot and put order.

After that, we were at last ready.


All things compared (power kites, other kites, quality), overall 190 pounds has seemed to me far too much for this kite.


However, it seems it is now flying and we'll give it chances to prove its qualities :)

In Topic: Rev folded sizes

10 September 2013 - 12:00 AM

Hello back,


Unfortunately it appears very difficult to get a B2 anywhere in less than several weeks thumbdown.gif  Even in the various retailers in france there hasn’t been any luck.


I was wondering the following.


… The EXP frame is for 4-15 mph

… The travel frame is for 4-20 mph (it’s also mentioned as an “UL” frame)

… The EXP and 1.5 SLE are same sail / same size


… EXP package + travel frame would give the same than the 1.5 SLE package, with the advantage of a travel frame?


Am I right?


Thanks in advance


In Topic: Rev folded sizes

04 September 2013 - 01:10 PM

Stone in Shoe Bob: yes of course, the longest spar. And I don't think I'm gonna be more lucky than you...

awindofchange: ah ok, I was in fact searching for that on the website yest. evening. But you also need to add the EU incoming tax... Just had another pass at the Kiteworld shop and a B2 is already an exotic kite so needs several weeks. But I can go with a French site, where Rev's are far more common. UK kiting is terrible you know.

lylenc: arf thanks so much for completing the data!!