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11 June 2013 - 01:28 AM

Hey all, New quad line flyer here I have the sun burns to prove it. A little back ground on me I first started flying two strings about 25 years ago a friend at school in England let me use his kite he said his father designed kites his last name was Wolfe if I remember correctly. So for the last 25 years I have flown only two strings and quads always interested me but I also figured it was way too hard, fast forward to yesterday I received my first quad a Rev EXP I flew it ALL day long in winds that were pushing it a little bit, maybe 8 to 15 mph. I was amazed the learning curve wasn't too bad a few hours for new to fly comfortably but I am guessing a life time to master. Unfortunately my day ended with a semi hard crash and I got a small slit in the leading edge (I think I hit a rock in the grass) It turns out my lines were badly tangled something I am not to use too with 2 lines and there was just too much fiction for me to stop the Rev before it hit the ground. So with that said are there any good techniques for untangling the strings? Or am I SOL? I am quite sure my two strings are going to collect a lot of dust. Anyway next I am purchasing two full vent 1.5B pros (I think) one for me and one for the wife.

On a side note one of my other hobbies is Harleys, I am sure I look funny as hell pulling up to a park on my Harley long hair, tats, chains etc and then flying a kite oh well that's who I am smile.png

I should add I live in Santa Clarita, anyone in the area know of good places to fly that isn't too far of a drive? I don't mind driving to the beach once every two weeks but I would like to fly in between.


Attached picture is my Prism Legacy, ITW Kymera by Barresi, 2x Symphony 1.8 and the Revolution EXP.