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02 June 2013 - 03:38 PM

Hey Everyone,


I am new the forum and new to quad kites.  I recently purchased a NTK Volksquad and from the reviews I read it was great kite to learn how to fly quads on.  Plus the price was in my range. Unfortnately it seems that the online reviews and kite flyer  reviews on other forums differ greatly.  I have to find out that the Volkquad is touchy, doesnt have the effective wind range for novice flyer the company states and that I should have bought a Rev first, because its easier to fly the Volkquad after youve flown revs.  So I have an essently brand new Volksquad thats never been flown (i had to get my original replaced do to factory issues) but I equalled out the lines, that I am scared to fly because I do not want to get frastrated flying it and give up on quads all together. So I am looking to find a good rev that is used that I can use as a learning platform.  I would definately be interested in a trade, should someone like to be the new owner of my volksquad.  I do not think that I will be taking the volksquad out flying for awhile. 


Any suggestions and tips would be great.  My original one would never take off and had a tendency to hop across the field as I attempted take off.   I have already been told to watch jeff's rev videos.  But from what I gathered from other sites, I might have choosen the wrong quad to learn on...