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#93211 Old Kite

Posted by Controlled Crash on 09 July 2013 - 06:14 PM

RevWizard et al,


I contacted Revolution, and received a quick, friendly reply. (as expected from reading other comments on this board about their customer service)


I got some answers to my inquiries, and I thought I would pass them along, if you are interested.


What year were the made? 1995 or so. (I was fairly sure I bought the kite before 1996)

How many were made? A few hundred. (I think I made a good choice taking into account that the Advantage Classic was the second two line kite I ever owned)

Price? About $250.00. Kite only, no lines. (It's been 17 years, but $235.00 is the number that pops in my head.)

And finally the most important question, does this kite count toward the answer to the question, "How many Rev's do you own?" Kinda, a little bit.  But the question refers to our 4 Line Revolutions. (Can I say Half-Rev or perhaps a Step-Rev?)


Thanks for all the replies. I still haven't gotten to take the Rev 1.5 SLE out to play, but I did fly some SLK's with line laundry last weekend.

#92948 Old Kite

Posted by Controlled Crash on 06 June 2013 - 05:08 PM

Hello everyone.  New to the forum, old to kiting.


To make a short story long, I was cleaning out the kite closet and decided to set up several of my *old vintage kites. I thought, "Hey, Check 'em out on Youtube". Found videos to most all the two line kites I have, except for the Advantage Classic by Revolution. I may not have ninja Google skills, but the only reference I found was on this site, and only in one place here. I figured if any place had the answers to my queries, this would be it.




What gives? Okay, okay, perhaps to broad...

Do I own the crazy uncle, of Revolution Kites, that no one talks about? Do I need to search for "the kite that shalt not be mentioned"?

How long where they made? I thought I bought mine late 1995 to early 1996. I could be wrong, but I thought I bought it before my daughter was born. The one mentioned here says 1997.

How many were made? There doesn't seem to be many claiming to own them...

Is there some shame that I should be feeling? It flies great. Only one other "vintage" kite of mine has more flying time than the Advantage.

How much was the origional sticker price? I have slept since then.

Does the Advantage Classic count toward "How many Revs do you own?" If so, I have two. My other is a 1.5 SLE that I bought two winters ago.



*Old/vintage-  The difference seems to be whether or not you own one. If you don't, it's old. If you do, it's vintage. I never thought of the kites as being old. I guess some of them are, it just not how I see them. I have only flown a few times in the past 15 years. Moving from a condo on the Gulf in Galveston to Kansas dramatically reduces chances to fly, that and a family and a new job. Got bit by the kit bug again and plan on flying much more this year.