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New revr to be.

03 June 2013 - 02:05 PM

Hi all,

I am Nathan and living in The Hague, the Netherlands

Recently i put out my old parafoil kite, that was in the back of a closet the last 12 years and flew it with my son.
A lot of fun and a few snapping lines later, i checked YT and saw a rev video.
I can't understand what rock i was under the last 2 decades.
something to do with music i guess smile.png.
Now i think i've seen all the rev clips now.

Well i am saving some money for my first rev now. the vids that really makes me smile are those of the supersonic. So that will be the kite of choice.
The forum teached me it's not the best first choice but i keep in mind that i will practice on the quad wich will belong to my son first.

This one will be delivered this week. (i hope) wink.png