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In Topic: Indoor Rev

27 November 2014 - 01:17 AM

Wish I could see it, requires FB log in so leaves me wondering.....

In Topic: Another Newbie here....

27 October 2014 - 03:55 PM

In my early quad experience I first learned to back the kite down from high in the window & land it slowly.  But this was a four line foil two years ago.  I also learned you could steer the foil by using the brake lines.  Pulling the left bottom line, the brake, turned the kite left.  Pull right bottom line, turn right.  Now this was important to me as I was very two line oriented at the time.  So a couple months later I got a Rev 1.5 SLE & had a bit of a rough, but maybe typical start.  Launch, climb to fifteen feet, spin, crash, repeat.  That describes my first session.  Second session was launch, climb to thirty feet, then veer off to the right & crash.  Seemed like so much was happening that I could not get my mind to react correctly but at least I wasn't spinning.  Third session I thought I would keep my hands together & just fly around by turning with the brakes.  Ah ha! now I could at least cruise around the wind window with sweeping turns by braking carefully with the bottom lines, left brake, left turn, right brake, right turn.  It was a start of a great journey.  Much more was to follow but at least I could keep the complex Sportwing in the air, well most of the time.  And now, almost two years later, I had some more Ah Ha! moments this past Sunday.  Best flying to date.  And again, brakes were the key.

In Topic: Is this a trick?

23 October 2014 - 04:21 PM

A stall, a maneuver, a recovery, all intentional.  If it is all repeatable, then I would say it is a trick.  But maybe that's a dualie viewpoint.  If there is no current name used maybe you should name it yourself.  Up over to down under or something like that....

In Topic: Which rev would you buy if you had

22 October 2014 - 02:50 PM

A Power Blast 2-4 or maybe an indoor?  No the big kite for sure!


(just a small voice out here all alone)

In Topic: B-Serie with green race frame

20 October 2014 - 03:13 PM

The above three masters have taught me much in the past two years of reading their posts.  While I don't have the time on the lines or the many variations of frames & sails, I do have their expert help.  The journey I'm on will be long and full of kite joy.  Many thanks for the thoughtful answers & also thanks to those who post the questions.  I am just out here in the sticks flailing away.


Solo Hill Billie Kite Flailer,  SHBKF