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In Topic: Anyone flying about in Dorset...

22 December 2015 - 08:57 PM

It arrived today default_smile.png but I was at work and my wife had it wrapped up for Christmas before I came home default_sad.png

My first Rev was a Christmas gift from my wife but she let me fly it early as we were at the beach at the time. Sometimes I think she reads the forums & knows more about kites then she lets on. Last year she gave me a Rev roll-up bag & did not say a word about how many Revs I had. Although she did ask if one bag would be enough.

In Topic: Anyone flying about in Dorset...

17 December 2015 - 08:53 AM

Great choice of kite, I love mine.  It makes me look like a better flier than I actually am.  Keep after it, the rewards are many on the Dark Side.


Best Wishes, SHBKF

In Topic: A few basic stacking questions

01 December 2015 - 04:27 PM

.....Hint, get more than one set as stacking is a little compulsive...

Sparky Rob is right.  Just returned from the nearest kite store, only 325 miles away.  They had some Prism link line sets.  I bought eight sets total.  Two 23" sets to get the Micron stack up to eight.  Three medium sets for fifteen total that will give me enough to stack Nick's three 2 B's if I get the urge.  And three 58" sets which will allow me to have a dedicated stack of SLE's.  Need to order some bulk bridle line but this was just a pour on the money solution.  SHBKF

In Topic: New in Tucson with an old EXP

13 October 2015 - 01:19 AM

Welcome to the Revkites forum.  Glad to hear you've started flying again.  That's a great looking kite in a beautiful setting.  Hope you are able to get your wife to fly with you soon.  My wife has been an encouragement to my involvement with kites for a long time.  When I got my first sport kite we struggled to launch in high wind without realizing we should not even fly that kite in those conditions.  With her on the handles & me assisting with the kite she finally got it in the air.  Then she handed me the handles & I started to get the hang of it.  It was a memorable day.  She still reminds me that she taught me to fly that day.  Best wishes to you both & let us know how it's going.  


Just out here in the sticks, SHBKF

In Topic: Short line flying

01 October 2015 - 04:03 PM

I flew on 90# x 80' lines exclusively for quite some time.  They were the only set I used for my 1.5 SLE & my Rev 1 Sedgwick.  I tend to go with the "standard set up" on many things before I venture onward.  I did have a heavier set for my Power Blast 2-4 that I had purchased before I even was able to fly the SLE.  I did not fly the PB for some time as I was a bit inhibited by the big kite.  Despite all the disdain shown for the SLE leading edge I flew the heavy rod for months before trying the three wrap leading edge.  Finally I was getting ready to head for the beach & one of my mentors was cautioning me about flying in the summer crowds.  He suggested that I might want a short 30' line set to enable me to fly in a smaller uncrowded area like up next to the dunes.  Had a spare dualie set of 90# x 65's so I turned a dual set into a quad set of 30's.  I had already learned about some issues with 50# lines, snagging damage.  The 90# lines did not snag so badly on the hay field weeds.  So I arrived at the hot crowded summer beach & flew the thirties for the first time.  Love'd em!  Small window, fast action. direct connection feel & the kite was much closer.  I could see the inputs on the lower tips of the sail clearly.  They also aided my learning as I had to concentrate at an even higher level.  Later at home, I took the line set to town & did my first Rev urban flying.  Flew in the office front yard & had terrific fun landing on the porch roof & atop the neighbor paint store's sign.  Great stuff.  Power kite lines?  I use some lines from a 7 meter fixed bridle foil on my Power Blast 4-8.  It needs them....   SHBKF