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In Topic: 60 quad line rev lookalike vs a Rev 1.5

23 May 2015 - 03:19 AM

I wish I could come to Dunstable Downs myself.  Reading the forum & hearing the invitations extended over the last few years makes me realize it must be one of those special places in kiting.  But just as much it's the people & their connection to each other through the sky.  Perhaps one day I'll show up with my kite bag & we'll give em all a go.


Just out here in the sticks, SHBKF

In Topic: Global Rev Count.

27 April 2015 - 06:02 PM

B2 standard, black, purple with white center

Supersonic vented, black, gold

Mesh Masterpiece, 75%, blue, gray, white, #152

   Thanks Joe


Dayhiker +3 (15)


And a few days late received an SLE to begin stacking with my first Revolution 1.5 SLE

SLE 1.5 blue, black, white


Dayhiker +1 (16)

In Topic: First kite

23 April 2015 - 01:29 PM

Yes, the Power Blast 2-4 gets pretty exhilarating in double digit wind.  I have not had enough nerve, skill or experience to try my Power Blast 4-8 in anything higher than eight.  You can dump power off the trailing edge easily but there are those moments when you get full power & the kite zooms off pulling hard.  I can fly the PB 2-4 in a good breeze for about forty-five minutes before I get tired & start making mistakes.  The pull is similar to flying a large stack of dualies but you can't really turn off the pull of a dualie stack.  As for flying the Big One, the PB 4-8, I have Know Eye Deer how long I fly it as time kind of stands still....   SHBKF

In Topic: First kite

21 April 2015 - 06:49 AM

After flying many Revs & expanding my collection all the way to the Power Blast 4-8 I can say with some conviction that I am very glad I started with the 1.5 SLE with 13" handles & 90# x 80' lines.  If you want to see my progression of Revs look at the Global Rev count post 2064.  That has most of them listed but will be updated when the B2 & Supersonic vented arrive shortly.  You'll notice that my second Rev was a Power Blast 2-4.  Flew the 1.5 SLE for some time before I had enough nerve to fly the larger sail.  

In Topic: Developing a street style

15 March 2015 - 01:12 PM

My home is in a small valley.  Most of my four acres is cleared land with scattered trees & our house in the middle with several other out buildings nearby.  Not a likely place to fly any kite but my desire to fly at home is strong.  The wind is turbulent at best with direction changes the norm.  I have found that short line sets make for the best choice even if there is clear space to use longer.  With dualies I do the best with a five meter set which is not what I initially suspected.  Ten meter lines are usable but very difficult.  What I discovered was that I could side step & deal with wind direction shifts more easily when my wind window was smaller.  Longer lines definitely make it harder to achieve a new angle of flight to keep up with wind shifts.  Things happen more quickly with short line sets but you can make corrections faster too.  Kites that some judge as too twitchy can work to your advantage if the wind is fickle.  Also I was unable to fly a 1.5 Revolution kite in my yard until I made a set of magic sticks & switched to a 2 wrap frame set.  My short thirty foot line set is now usable flying around the house.  It allowed me to land often without ground recovery space becoming an issue & increased my ability to glide a bit more.  Next I will make a five meter quad line set.  That should be quite entertaining as well.  But if I were just starting out again it still would have taken me some time to get this far.  SHBKF