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In Topic: Short line flying

01 October 2015 - 04:03 PM

I flew on 90# x 80' lines exclusively for quite some time.  They were the only set I used for my 1.5 SLE & my Rev 1 Sedgwick.  I tend to go with the "standard set up" on many things before I venture onward.  I did have a heavier set for my Power Blast 2-4 that I had purchased before I even was able to fly the SLE.  I did not fly the PB for some time as I was a bit inhibited by the big kite.  Despite all the disdain shown for the SLE leading edge I flew the heavy rod for months before trying the three wrap leading edge.  Finally I was getting ready to head for the beach & one of my mentors was cautioning me about flying in the summer crowds.  He suggested that I might want a short 30' line set to enable me to fly in a smaller uncrowded area like up next to the dunes.  Had a spare dualie set of 90# x 65's so I turned a dual set into a quad set of 30's.  I had already learned about some issues with 50# lines, snagging damage.  The 90# lines did not snag so badly on the hay field weeds.  So I arrived at the hot crowded summer beach & flew the thirties for the first time.  Love'd em!  Small window, fast action. direct connection feel & the kite was much closer.  I could see the inputs on the lower tips of the sail clearly.  They also aided my learning as I had to concentrate at an even higher level.  Later at home, I took the line set to town & did my first Rev urban flying.  Flew in the office front yard & had terrific fun landing on the porch roof & atop the neighbor paint store's sign.  Great stuff.  Power kite lines?  I use some lines from a 7 meter fixed bridle foil on my Power Blast 4-8.  It needs them....   SHBKF

In Topic: Global Rev Count.

22 September 2015 - 09:52 AM

Reef Runner -3 (2)

Dayhiker +3 (22)


Revolution B2 standard, blue/gray

Revolution B2 mid vent, red/gray

Revolution B2 full vent, lime/gray


Thanks again Nick, SHBKF

In Topic: Supersonic strut placement

29 August 2015 - 11:36 AM

usually the speed series kites come with the shorter 11" handles because of how sensitive the kite is to movement.  13" handles will be fine though, that's what I fly mine on.  15"s may be a little harder.


Spars on the top go straight into the caps, not under the bungee.  This gives the leading edge a nice roll on the front side of the sail.

Thanks for the very useful information.  I have recently acquired some of the Speed series kites from the secondary market with no instructions.  I may have been assembling them incorrectly as now I am not sure how the bottoms should be done.  I am okay on the leading edge connectors.  I have been doing the verticals Power Blast style at the bottom of the sail.  Will be interesting to see if the Shockwave flies differently with bottom bungees not over the struts .  Have not had the Supersonic in the air yet as the light summer air has me flying different kites.  Got some extra thirteen inch handles & may saw down a set to elevens.   As usual, Know Eye Deer.  Just out here in the sticks flailing away.  SHBKF


Edit: In the next post I get confirmation that "I'm good!"  10-4

In Topic: Global Rev Count.

05 August 2015 - 04:07 PM



Reef Runner -1 (5)


Dayhiker +1 (19)


Supersonic vented, gold black


Thanks Nick, now I can stack two identical SSV's, SHBKF

In Topic: Global Rev Count.

05 July 2015 - 02:14 PM

Acquired a 1997 vintage Revolution 1.5 that will be the middle kite of my now three stack.


A bit later received a 1995 Revolution 1, a curved logo Revolution Sport Wing.


Dayhiker +2 (18)


(This is really getting out of hand it seems.)