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Moon Walk Help!

09 April 2015 - 03:22 PM

My appologies if this topic has already been posted.

Tonight I practiced my Inverted Hovers and Inverted flight from the top of the window and stopping it just above the ground (cool)!

Although I will keep praticing this and other things, I really like to start working on the slow moon walk. I think those look so cool. Is there any simple exercise or starting point or process you all can suggest? There doesnt seem to be too many videos (that I have found) on this manuver. Although Iwas up to my ankles in water in the grass tonight (3 Days of rain here) I had a blast!



Tube or Strip???

02 November 2014 - 06:01 PM

I'd like to order a second line set for my Rev and at the same time I would like to order a Tail for it as well (just for fun).

Can someone comment what a good length of Tail is and to use a Tube or Strip material. I've read through the posts and seen many mentions of making your own but I've seen some already made up that I would consider versus making one. Most of what I've read, 1" wide is the common size but the tubes I see for sale are usually 3" so I'm a little confused on this subject. It's going to be used on my 1.5 B and mabe even use it on my Prism Delta and possibly my Power Kite.




Another Newbie here....

26 October 2014 - 05:06 PM

Hello all ! Although experience with dualies I always push myself for challenges and I feel I have found one I feel I may never get down with the purchase of a B2 Night Series Quad Liner ! I hope getting totally frustarted the first time out is normal...God I hope so. My other hobby is R/C Airplanes and I can see the Dualies are like a fixed wing airplane and this Quad is like flying a helicopter in that hobby, VERY different! I also purchased the Race Frame with the Kite, should I be practicing and learning with this Race Frame or wait untill I can keep it in the air for more than a few minutes? Also about Handle Position, I am wanting and trying to hold these things straight up n down and square to the ground, not correct right?

Just what type of wind should I be "Trying" to fly this in, hard or light? To close, what is the best way to find if I have any locals that can help, what type of searches does one do for that kinda thing?