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#92388 Hi from the UK.

Posted by Guzzi rider on 10 April 2013 - 11:55 PM

Welcome Steve! :)

Wow!! A message from the gods ! ;-)
Thanks John, I've Lost count of the number of times I've watched your videos and feel I have learnt a lot from them. To all others who have both welcomed me and offered advice I thank you and assure you I will take it on board, particularly about flying with others. I WILL seek out Rev flyers locally and learn from them. Already worked out I need a vented to slow things down a bit when the wind's up, why isn't there a Rev with a zip out panel for higher winds ? Lol ;-) Raining again today so no flying, back to the videos :-(. Thanks again all.

#92341 Hi from the UK.

Posted by Guzzi rider on 07 April 2013 - 03:00 PM

Hi folks. First post from a first time Rev user. Only flown it twice so far as its been too cold (sub zero and snowing on my days off work) but now on a weeks holiday so should get some air time :-) . My rev is an SLE full sail red and black plus a set of ul rods. First flight was a disaster, just could not keep it in the air. Second time out was much better, yep you guessed it, verticals were the wrong side of the sail. RTFM. LOL. Already gleaned a lot of info from this forum and hope to contribute in the future.

All the best. Steve.