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In Topic: Kite Bags Are On Sale

04 April 2007 - 10:37 AM

I need for all of you out there to add this to your list cause I don't know how long I can do these type of deals, heck they may commit me before it's all over cause Bens gone mad in March :rolleyes: Ben
office number 858-679-5785

Mine arrived today.... now I have to wait a bit to actually purchase a kite to begin populating it.

What is about kite merchandise that immediately has you tearing open the box and playing with the stand-offs, spreaders, bridle etc (generally set up newly arrived kites in the office when they get here and leave them up on a cabinet until it is time to pack it up for the trip home). :huh:

In this case, it was playing with the zippers, velcro, & shoulder strap clips. ;)


P.S. Ben, hope they give you a comfortable room with a nice view. Many thanks.

In Topic: $.99 kites

29 March 2007 - 08:01 AM

That is far to many; communal law decrees that you need to distribute the wealth to those of us that only have one, like me!

That's one more Rev than me.... hopefully that will change in a bit.

From the "School of Backwards", I am getting the Rev Multi Bag (currently in the hands of UPS), before the actual kite. ;)


<* Cloaking Device fails and lurking abruptly ends.... :o *>