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#92890 Looking for used...

Posted by flyatx on 02 June 2013 - 07:16 PM

I learned on a volksquad. I broke the main cross spar...too windy. I had to sew the leading edge where one of the vertical spars poked through. Lets just say I beat the heck out of it learning to fly quad line. I watched John Barresi tutorial vids and I tamed the beast. Then bought a Rev 1.5 B series. Easy to fly compared to the Volksquad and I didn't beat the heck out with rookie crashes. I broke out the volksquad this spring after two years on the shelf and I felt like driving a bus without power steering. Rev 1.5 feels like a F1 racer with paddle shifters.
The NTK handles are big bulky things whereas rev handles are more refined.
IMHO I would learn on the beast then step up to the best. Welcome to the world of Quad!

#91743 Handle length

Posted by flyatx on 20 February 2013 - 10:36 PM

Rev Handle Position .jpg Wanted to see the actual difference between what I learned on to where the modification of where i i am today...

Big Difference. Handles are more neutral, more brake, less input for response. Thanks to a Rev clinic, I would have flown with way too much drive and no brake. I guess the factory setting is to allow beginners to launch and forward drive the machine/sail. Once adapted to less drive more brake, inverted hoovers, precision clockwork, and controlled slow flight in all aspects becomes more manageable (not easier). Practice Practice Practice.