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02 June 2013 - 07:16 PM

I learned on a volksquad. I broke the main cross spar...too windy. I had to sew the leading edge where one of the vertical spars poked through. Lets just say I beat the heck out of it learning to fly quad line. I watched John Barresi tutorial vids and I tamed the beast. Then bought a Rev 1.5 B series. Easy to fly compared to the Volksquad and I didn't beat the heck out with rookie crashes. I broke out the volksquad this spring after two years on the shelf and I felt like driving a bus without power steering. Rev 1.5 feels like a F1 racer with paddle shifters.
The NTK handles are big bulky things whereas rev handles are more refined.
IMHO I would learn on the beast then step up to the best. Welcome to the world of Quad!

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12 April 2013 - 11:32 PM

Just sleeved a set of 30' #50 line in less than an hour... Hour and half with cocktails. Buy a sleeving kit for less than $10.00 and you can do many sets of lines. It's fairly easy if you pay attention and have manual dexterity. Tying knots can be a bitch. Once you you get the hang if it it becomes very satisfying that you got four lines length EXACT. That's the key. I untied and retied twice to get it right. Only did one overhand knot on this because this is low wind and little stress.
Also used 8" of sleeve instead of 12" for weight saving. I think I saved .00012 oz on this set.:-) As far as a sleeving tool?
Guitar string really? Heavy gauge 12s I would
think otherwise you would blow right through that Dacron weave time and time again cussing as you pull back and try threading the needle. My tool has a knurled knob on it so I don't have to tie a ribbon on it.

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20 February 2013 - 10:36 PM

Attached File  Rev Handle Position .jpg   57.84KB   193 downloadsWanted to see the actual difference between what I learned on to where the modification of where i i am today...

Big Difference. Handles are more neutral, more brake, less input for response. Thanks to a Rev clinic, I would have flown with way too much drive and no brake. I guess the factory setting is to allow beginners to launch and forward drive the machine/sail. Once adapted to less drive more brake, inverted hoovers, precision clockwork, and controlled slow flight in all aspects becomes more manageable (not easier). Practice Practice Practice.