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Learning Quad - West Australian > Back into It.

Posted 14 January 2014

 I Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year.I am getting back out there and flying.  Holiday Flying:  Well I actually got a chance to fly twice in my 2 week Christmas Holidays.MGower was out there with me both times, always great company.Both times were super light winds. SparkieRob had his Rev Indoor outdoors on the day...

Learning Quad - West Australian > Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

Posted 19 December 2013

With it being my Last Kite-able week before the End of year Break, I decided to make extra effort and get out early each day. Summer in Perth is blessed with Early dawn, about 5am this time of the year. I decided to try to get out there around 5am each day.With A Big week ahead of me I started out strong. But Would the Wind play games with me? Monday...

Learning Quad - West Australian > A Sweet Week

Posted 16 December 2013

Monday: The Morning started out with some fine Strong winds. I grabbed out the Vented on 120’ lines.I pushed myself to spend as much of the time as possible inverted. Every time I flipped upright or landed, I went straight back into inverted flight. Hovers and Slides. I think it went well Tue Arvo: I only had a half hour to spare, but I continu...

Learning Quad - West Australian > International Kite Flyer Visits Perth

Posted 10 December 2013

Sorry for the late update, it took more typing than usual, I hope you enjoy my kiting Adventure… Monday: Once again Commitments crowded me in. Tuesday: After the Pain of not flying on Friday and Monday, I had to get out there.I put in the effort to get to the Field nice and early. There was a good Solid Wind that was pushing strongly.I dec...

Learning Quad - West Australian > Back in the Swing of It.

Posted 02 December 2013

Monday:The Afternoon provided a chance to get some Rev Air. With a very strong wind and Solid Gusts it was time for the Vented. I grabbed the wrong lines and ended up with the 30’ on field, So I just went with it. I got some great Inverted Hovers in. I also did some work on my Bicycle Turns. Tuesday:I went in for a morning fly, but it was very...