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In Topic: America's Got Talent

04 September 2010 - 09:11 PM

I've had a dozen customers come into the kite shop and ask, "Do you have that kite that was on TV?" Connor and team have brought Revs to the forefront of a population that thought most kites look like a box or diamond. Great Job!

In Topic: Bought a B... then an hour later, a powerblast

04 September 2010 - 08:40 PM

If the winter weather stops you from flying Revs, maybe you should consider 'wintering over' in sunny San Diego! Rent is lower during the off season months. And a large number of Rev flyers belong to the San Diego Kite Club!

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to everyone who has helped me recently in my kiting endevor.

Kent at A Wind of Change has been awesome and very very helpful. I would highly recommend his business. He has taken lots and lots of time to speaking with me on the phone about my kite purchases. His knowledge has helped me tremendously in getting started.

Lolly at Revolution has also been very helpful in solving a few issues that arose.

Also to all the people I have met at the parks and fields I have been flying in, thank you all for being so personable and open with your knowledge.

I now officially have 12 kites in my collection, I guess that means the Dark side has engulf me.

Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to one day meeting you all.


In Topic: SHOCKING Experience!

07 June 2010 - 12:07 PM

Hi Jynx! I once read of this phenonema on a forum board two or three years ago, can't find it now. PNW Flyer does have the answer they mentioned back then, great balls o' lightening! Would've made for some outstanding night flying!!! kitepilot