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Lonely Mexican Flyer

31 December 2012 - 05:10 PM

Hello there!

My name is Mauricio an I live in Queretaro, a city about 150 miles north México City, thanks god it is a windy city!!

I've been flying kites since I remember, had a few falcons ands owls and I'm always looking at the sky.
I'm new to quad line kites and have just received my first Rev 1.5 mid vented......... It's amazing !!

I thought it would come "ready to fly" so I didn't order lines so I decided to make my own, started with some cheap 150 lb / 120' and at the beginning was very disappointed with my new Rev, so decided to take the lines from 2 of my 2 line deltas and the fun started as soon as it lifted up.

I'm so delighted with my new toy I can't wait to fly it again, I would love to have a flying partner so if anyone knows a Rev flyer near México I would appreciate you let me know.

See you soon.