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Newbie First Rev - 1.5 SLE or B which one should I keep!?

09 November 2012 - 06:14 AM

Hi All,

My first post here, loads of useful information, great forum!!

I've flown lots of kites including power kites, kitesurfing, 2 line stunts, but never a rev.

So as a newbie to Rev flying here in the UK I have been lurking and trying to decide what to get. My budget isn't that high, I have about 150 for a complete setup so I'm looking at 2nd hand kit.

Anyway I've ended up with 2 kites from eBay! Oops, got carried away with bidding and won them both...

Number 1
1.5 SLE in red/white/blue.
It came with lines and handles.
Genuinely seems like it hasn't been flown much at all.
It is very crispy, and came with the Rev ultra light spars plus the extra bonus of the fat leading edge as well as the ultra light one.

Number 2
1.5 B Series in black/blue/grey.
Also came with lines and handles, in good condition but clearly well used.
The kite has no rips or anything, but the white panel in the middle is slightly discoloured.
And the kite itself just doesn't have the crispiness of the other.
Only came with one set of spars. The 3 leading edge spars have been replaced with Sky Shark P200s, that other 2 are the standard Rev ones.

Bottom line, I can't keep them both.

I paid 110 for the 1.5SLE and 130 for the 1.5 B Series.

I've flown them both, but as a total newbie to Revs I can't really tell what was different with them, and what characteristics were down to the kite itself and what was down to me not really knowing how to fly these yet.

So to all the experienced fliers out there.....

What combination of gear do you think I should keep!!?!!?!?

What are the pro's/con's of each kite?

Is there any real difference between the two models worth noting?

What would suit a newcomer best but also give me longevity?

And how about the spars....what's the deal with the Sky Shark P200's compared with the stock Rev ones?

Anything else to consider?


I've attached a pic of each...

Attached File  rev1.JPG   32.46KB   188 downloads
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