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In Topic: rev 1 and 1.5

03 July 2014 - 09:17 AM

Something new to add to this question.
Would it be a problem stacking a rev 2 then (2) rev 1.5s and then a rev 1?
I just got another 4 1/2 ft stacking lines and would like to just keep these together.
Any input would help. Kent if your out there.

That is called the progressive stack.

I made my own about 20 years back before the REV 1.5 existed. http://johnnmitchell...m_199312-05.JPG
Revolutions did and maybe still offers progressive stack by special order.

In Topic: Relaunching

26 June 2014 - 05:58 PM

Not the easiest especially for a beginner, but there are a couple ways to attempt launching with the bridle up.

In Topic: 1.5 SLE

19 June 2014 - 08:00 AM

That's a good thing "no wind" it gives you time to unwind your line set, equalize them, attach them to the handles and wind them back up.

and toss  a Frisbee.

In Topic: ? on old rev

18 June 2014 - 10:10 PM

Thanks all, for the help. I guess the leading edge wear I was talking about was the coating coming off from the ferrels, so probably still good. The two verticals are different lengths where the end cracked off of one. I like the idea of buying the leading edge getting two new verticals, and have an extra center length, I think first I'll try the verticals using them as horizontals and the others as the verticals. Nothing to lose, and cheaper, now that I know they are all 36". The leading edge length looks like it has a little extra play. A complete replace is about $85-90 dollars.


I had tried to fly it as is and failed. Maybe it's the line lengths. Did this kite require a leader to make the the upper or lower lines longer?  (My lines are all the same length. )


The comment about the "Dark Side" is something my friend Spence has been saying for years. 


Let the games begin!!

You say "cracked off". What do you mean by this? Is it literally broken off or just rough looking? A photo might help.

I  don't recall anymore whether you need to add the 6-7 inches to the top or the bottom lines when using equal length control lines. That is going back some 22 years for me.

When you have the REV set up, line attached and handles vertical does the REV lean forward and tries to start or is it leaning backwards and you can't start it?

If it is leaning to far forward then you need to attache 6-7 inch leaders to the top lines.

If it is leaning to far backwards then you need to attache 6-7 inch leaders to the lower lines.

In Topic: ? on old rev

18 June 2014 - 04:49 PM

What'sworn look like?? I still fly my Rev 1 with it's original rods with no problem! Unless they are really in bad shape, put it together and fly!!

Wayne, the very early REV I had short end caps at the top of the vertical rods. The cap did touch LE rods and rubbed through the Dacron thus directly to the LE rods.

Revolution made two corrections. There was Kevlar cloth added between the Dacron pieced on the leading edge. The other was an extended rubber cap at the top of the vertical rods.

The changes took place around 1991.