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Diamonds vs black Race vs 3-wrap

03 July 2014 - 02:21 PM

Still loving my 1.5! (SLE, but without the SLE, if you get me)


However the left 3-wrap LeadingEdge spar seemingly broke cleanly off the central LE during setting up, leaving the end of the spar still attached flush to the central LE's ferrule. Hard to get it off the central LE. Unsure how it occurred as little pressure was placed on it when handling and I'm always extremely careful at all times when setting up, flying, dismantling and putting it away, but could have been a unseen fracture from a former accident just waiting to shear, or a family member unduly placing something heavy/stressful on the kite during the long haul car transit prior to using it.


So replacements!..


Will get a suitable 3-wrap spar to replace it, but was also thinking of getting a separate lighter frame for lower wind speeds as sometimes I struggle trying to keep it up during the lulls, inevitably it gently floats down to land (if I've ran out of room to walk backwards) and I'm waiting there for the next gust in order to relaunch it, hehe. Ad infinitum.


I'm only used to using 3-wraps as that's all I've had available to me, other than the large SLE which doesn't get used.


Saw that the black Race Rods have the weight of the 2-wrap with the strength of the 3-wrap. Then I saw the Diamonds, which are lighter than the black Race Rods but are supposedly even stronger, with the greater stiffness of the 3-wraps?


I'd still like to be able to throw the kite around (in 10mph winds), and carry out sharp, snappy turns and manoeuvres, does this bode well?


I saw someone say their Diamond frame was 51g in total, while the black Race Rods are 75g. Does anyone happen to know how heavy the standard 3-wrap frame is? Unfortunately my Rev is currently 100 miles away (will be reunited in a fortnight), or I'd gladly weigh the frame myself.



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