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Which Rev for a beginner? a little confused?

19 August 2012 - 06:21 AM

Hi All,

I'm new here but felt this may be the best place to get some advice on Revolution kites. I thought I would be into Powerkiting but then came across a website and a few you tube clips later and realised I think I could get into these rev kites and have a lot of fun. However some questions;

1. Which one for a beginner who has never flown a quad line kite?
2. Theres so many, exp, 1.5sle, B series and so on?
3. Vented and un vented? I am assuming this is about wind conditions, where I would fly would range from 3mph to 18mph?
4. What is 2 wrap, 3 wrap, 4 wrap?
5. probably have a budget of 250, but don't tell my friends I am spending that much on a kite, they will think I have good a little mad.

Anyway any help would be appreciated and some direction in what to buy etc?