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B-Series Pro Venting

25 July 2012 - 06:21 PM

I've recently just purchased my first rev a few days ago, I've settled on a B-Series Pro Std, after researching the different types, checking them all out on the forums, and asking around. I have been borrowing a buddy's full vented SLE, and that's why I chose the standard sail, as most days I have lighter winds rather than full force gales, although after flying this afternoon with some really strong wind, I really appreciated that it was a full vent I was flying. Now, I have a feeling one day I will be getting a vented version some day. Posted Image But, there is different types of venting, there's a mid-vent and full vent. I imagine the full vent will be smoother when the wind is a bit stronger, but is there a huge difference between mid-vent and full vent? If I'm planning on 'eventually' getting a vented is it worth a mid vent then another full vent? or is the mid-vent transition even necessary? It seems the more vents the smoother and more precise the flight is, but I was just confused if just having a standard sail to cover lighter to medium and a full vent to cover higher winds would be enough to cover most wind ranges, or will a mid-vent help bridge the gap?
I think having the whole trio would be kinda cool for a stack some time, or just for completing the b-series collection Posted Image but i was wondering if a mid-vent really bridges the gap from lighter winds to higher winds.

Can't wait for it to come, although these next couple weeks are gonna kill me with the suspense!Posted Image