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In Topic: Tapatalk issues

05 July 2012 - 02:57 AM

And I thought I was the only one having trouble accessing this forum through Tapatalk. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled Tapatalk on my iPhone 4, but no luck.

In Topic: New to Revs

01 July 2012 - 07:17 AM

I think its only fair that I chime in at this point and thank Steven for all his assistance on Tuesday last week. Having just got back from holiday, I haven't been frequenting the forum like I should, in order to do so.

Tuesday was very much an eye opener and I had a whole lot of fun. I was introduced to one of Steven's full sail Rev's on 15 metre lines and run through the basics of setup, launch, flight, control and landing. After some exercises, I was allowed to fly on my own for a while and then introduced to my own Rev (vented) as the wind built up. There were definitely some moments where I could feel Steven wince behind me as I lost control of the Rev. :blue-grin:

I must say that I found it reasonably easy to control the Rev after only a little while. Mastery will take a whole lot longer though, I'm sure!

The one thing I found was the effect that lines have on the kite is quite significant. On Tuesday, I flew with LPG 90# at 15 metres (one of Steven's many sets). On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I flew on my own set of 90kg Spectra at 30 metres in varying wind conditions. The Rev felt a lot more sluggish on my lines and didn't respond as quickly or cleanly as on the LPG, even in wind conditions that were fairly similar to Tuesday's.

I'm now back in Johannesburg and, of course, there is not a breath of wind to be seen. :kid_cussing: No matter, I plan to order some LPG and go flying as soon as it arrives. I'm also considering a full sail Rev.......... :kid_devlish: :kid_devlish: :kid_devlish: :kid_devlish: :kid_devlish: :kid_devlish:

Thanks again, Steven.

In Topic: New to Revs

31 May 2012 - 09:23 PM

Flippa - did your leaders look like this when you got your kite??


This is the mod Steven did!

Yip, the leaders are similar to that except there is only a single knot on the bottom. I've made up a set of bottom leaders with two knots, about 2inches total length and I'll try it this weekend and report back with pictures.

In Topic: New to Revs

30 May 2012 - 10:37 PM

Wow! Been off the forum for a day or two, then got in touch with kwmf on PM, but haven't checked this thread.

I've only ever set the kite up with the three wrap frame, haven't used the SLE at all. The time I flew, there was enough wind that I could have flown my 10' Flexifoil without it falling out the sky. As I said, I could launch it off the ground, inverted to the edge of the window and either right or left before my technique failed me. I could only launch it LE up with my wife holding it in the air.

I haven't had an opportunity to fly again, but I have made up some bottom leaders to give me less brake and I will be trying again this weekend. I will definitely be giving feedback on my experience. :blue-grin:

As kwmf has said, I'm meeting up with him at the end of June to get some guidance and build up my skills.

In Topic: New to Revs

27 May 2012 - 11:22 PM

Hi Flippa,

Sorry if this sounds pedantic. Not trying to be condescending, just making sure the fundamentals are covered. You say you acquired an SLE vented. If this was a used kite, with used lines, then the top lines may be stretched out. This gives the effect of more brake, maybe too much. Have you tried equalizing the lines and/or swapping the top and bottom lines? By design, modern Revs should have all four lines of equal length.

The standard SLE handles have only very short pigtail leaders on the top and bottom. Do your handles have longer top leaders with multiple knots? If so you can reduce the amount of brake by moving in to a knot closer to the top of the handle, without adding bottom leaders.

Finally, are you sure you're holding the handles the right way up? The end closest to the foam is the top. (If I bought a used kite without the DVD and never saw anyone else fly, I might be confused about this.)

Hope that helps.

Hi Khal,

Kite was used, but I purchased new lines and made sure that they were equalised.

Handles have long leaders on top and no leaders on the bottom. I put the top lines on the knot closest to the handle, but still really struggled to launch LE up.

Got the handles right way up, thanks.Posted Image