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21 November 2012 - 06:03 PM


If not for the time you spent with my son and I at the Great Lakes Kite Festival this year, we would never have had the opportunity to be introduced to the Revolution experience. Of all the big name people there, John B. and many others, you took the time to speak with us and actually showed my son how to fly your kite ( now I know it was one of the masterpiece models) as a trainer!. I was so impressed that I told you then " Revolution had a new customer ". Since that meeting I have purchased six of your kites, std "b"s, mid, and full vent"B"s, Rev1, the Zen. In addition, I have had the opportunity to visit your facility in California and meet the Revolution family. I can't say enough of the hospilitality shown to me during the visit. Lolly and all were great. I also learned that Revolution Skateboards were produced by your company some time ago. Talk about coincidence, my son rode your boards exclusively growing up. Of all the Revolution boards we purchased, he still has his first one in his room. Funny thing was after Grand Haven, my son and I talked many times about the Revolution name and logo as we had seen them before, we never put the two together.During my plant visit, I saw the board molds and asked Lolly about them, unbelievable, going back to the same great company for a different product this many years later.

So Ben, on behalf of my family, thank you and the Revolution family, for the outstanding job you do every day, promoting the sport, producing great products, and providing the utmost in customer service.

My family now has a new hobby we enjoy together.

Very best regards, and again, THANK YOU

Skip M.,
SW Michigan